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Laboratory Report on parachute


Parachute Lab Report

Objective: How the length of string affect the speed of the parachute Control variable: -Same size of parachute -Same parachute material -Same mass on the parachute -Same drop-point Independent Variable: -Vary the length of string on the same parachute Dependent Variable: -Measure the speed of the parachute from the drop-point to the ground with a height of 4.4 meters. Speed is measure in meter per second.

Hypothesis I predict that the strings length need to be the right size - not to long but not too short. If it is too long, the speed will increase whereas if to short the speed will increase too as there will not be balance between air friction and gravity because of the size differenc in the string and the parachute

Materials 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Method / Procedure Plastic sheet Ball of string Scissor measuring tape Paper box Stop-Watch

St Andrews International School. Bangkok

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Laboratory Report on parachute

Results Length of string 30 30 30 60 60 60 90 90 90 120 120 120 Conclusion Time (second) 2.68 1.63 3.36 3.37 2.75 2.50 3.19 2.65 2.72 2.42 3.13 2.65 Average time(second) 2.56


Speed Meter/sec 1.72/s







This experiment shows us that if the string is to long, it would lack balance in the parachute size and the string length which makes the parachute travel faster. Also the same, if the string is to short, it would travel quicker. The right string length would be from 60 to 90 where the timing is close to each other. My prediction was proved to be correct as I predict the string length should be the right size.

St Andrews International School. Bangkok

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