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GRANT OF ELECTRICITY CONNECTION a. b. c. d. Application to the concerned S.D.O. Electricity. Copy of Allotment Letter. Copy of Possession Letter. Requisite Fee.

NOTE: 1. Where a GPA applies on behalf of the owner, photocopy of the GPA. duly attested by the notary public be annexed with the application. 2. In case any mortgage, loan, court case/litigation is involved, clearance certificate/ court orders be annexed to the application. 3. In some cases payment of extension fee is involved. The applicant is advised to either submit the sewerage connection copy issued prior to 22.1.93 or completion certificate or enclose the bank draft of requisite amount towards ext. Fee. 4. All payments above Rs. 500/- will be accepted by way of bank draft/pay order in favour of the estate officer, UT Chandigarh. Cheques are not entertained.

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