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Each week for six weeks. 10
children learn confidence ill
themselves as they learn the
aid needed 10 direct and con-
trol a 1.000 lb. four-legged
. friend.
They learn responsibility as
. they learn how 10 groom that
four-legged partner. but also
why it is important.
Marissa Johnson. owner of
Dixieland and director of
Courtney Draughn turns her horse, Dusty, inside a box under the guidance of Marissa Johnson (left).
Recreation's Summer Horse
Camps. is a firm believer of
teaching good basic horseman-
ship. be it mounted or un-
mounted. She teaches eacb
camper, as she does her many
private students, the safest
horse handling techniques.
At Dixieland all riders adult
or youth must wear a certified
equestrian helmet. no bicycle
helmets are allowed. During
camp Johnson has two senior
counselors work together, pre-
senting her daily lessoIJPlans
for grooming. bathing. rack-
ing. tack care, basic horse care
and lungi.ng 10 half the camp-
ers. while she is working in the
indoor arena' with the other
five on riding skills assisted by
four junior counselors. All six
are chosen from her pr-ivate
students. all with Ihe expertise
needed 10 be safe and effective
assistants in her techniques.
Then the groups switch.
Each group spends about I 1/
2 hours a day astride their
Hunt seat is the basic disci-
pline used as its helps 10 de-
velop the needed balance and
Campers learn to assemble a bridel under the guidance
allows good contact bel ween
of counselor, Chet Hansen.
3eth Jones learns to lunge at a trot under the guidance of Hosh Wright. the rider's legs and the horse.
Campers gel 10 spend time
playing horseback games. plus
they decorate their mounts
with washable pninrs before
learning proper washing tech-
Everything is made fun and
challenging. each day is filled
to the brim with Iaughter and
accomplishments, some big.
some small.
The afternoons are spent
with Kathie Streit. program di-
rector of the recreation depart-
ment. Monday. Wednesday
and Friday .are spent at the
Yadkinville pool. Tuesday and
Thursday are filled with field
trips and crafts. all equine re-
For more information. call
751-2325. There are limited
:ourtney Draughn demonstrates balance with Joh~so!.1.·s encouragement. Director Marissa Johnson helps Carolina to mount from spots lWailable for the last two
a-block, weeks in JUly.