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is AYCAA? The Australian Youth Council of Autistic Advisors is being put together by Springboard Youth and Autism Community Centre, to fill a highly needed gap in the autistic community; the missing young advocates. Who will be running AYCAA? With support from Nicole Roberts, Springboards Community Development Manager; Joel Wilson - autistic advocate, mentor and youth leader has been appointed to get WAAYAC up and running, and to also mentor other young autistics to be future Chairpersons, and leaders. Will there be a committee? There are currently five committee positions available, for young people aged between 18 and 30 years old, who have a formal Autistic Spectrum Condition diagnosis, and who have a strong interest in advocacy. Please see the attached Committee Expression of Interest form. Who can join AYCAA? Anyone aged 12 years and older can be a member, and be involved with events and other functions. What are AYCAAs main goals? Goals change often, however AYCAA currently has seven main goals. 1. Autism Advocacy 2. Raising the positive profile of autism

3. Encouraging leadership, and empowerment 4. Media guidelines, and positive representation in the media 5. Education support that meets autistics needs proposing an Autism Education Centre in Perth 6. Autism Research Panel 7. Making events more autistic friendly implementing an Autistic Card for skipping queues at concerts, Comic-Cons, Royal Shows, etc. Encouraging event organisers to have sensory chill out zones.