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The title A Stowaway can be defined to be a person who secretly boards a vehicle, such as an aircraft, bus, ship, cargo

truck or train, to travel without paying and without being detected. In this case it is by way of ship. Stowaways at most times face dangerous situations. Since they are not legally on board, they go days without water or food when traveling by ship, which in turn is risking death. Lines 1 The first line of the poem A Stowaway the persona states Theres this much space between me and discover, The persona, the stowaway is stating the fact that he or she has yet to be discovered by the crew of the ship. But he/she also states that there is almost a small amount of space or time between him/her and the option of being discovered. This is almost exaggerative in quality as it is stating that the person has little or maybe no time left before he/she is found. It also could be denoting sadness and inevitability. Lines 3 and 4 The second line a hairline fracture getting wider with each wave in my opinion is stating the fact that he/she is getting further and further away from home which in this case is his/her homeland and this line is almost bringing across the fact that he/she is too far away from home to change or alter their original course. It is the fact that the distance between his home and the promised land is getting smaller. It could be described as a very small sliver or crack in the bone; this is why it is sometimes dubbed "hairline fracture". It typically occurs in weight-bearing bones, such as the tibia (bone of the lower leg) and metatarsals (bones of the foot). These lines could be considered to be metaphorical as it is comparing a hairline fracture with that of a the length of the journey and how far he/she is from the homeland an how close he/she is to The Americas, the promised land. Lines 5-8 Lines 5-8 state I feel it, though I cannot see to hold my thoughts together theyre running loose all over This could denote the feeling of anticipation or the persona not being able to see the land or the ocean or even the sky and being able to know where they are. She/he saying I feel it could also mean that I (persons) means or senses that they are close to land. Line 9-10 The lines 9-10 state that someones bound to trip. This is a play on words. This is said because to bound also means to jump or to leap ore even hurdle. The stowaway uses the phrase bound to trip could mean actually having to stick to the plan (the plan being him going through with the illegal boarding of a ship) and it could also mean in my interpretation someone finding him and and could cut his trip short?? Lines 11-12

It is stated that One day light will enter this grave. The persona of the poem considers the journey/trip to be his grave and his light is being interpreted to be the view of the promised land as stated in line 24or even the personas hope that he or she will one day see The Americas. The persona here comes across as being very excessive with his language as he compares his not being able to view the Promised Land or The Americas as being equivalent to that of his/her grave/ deathbed. Lines 13-17 Lines 13-17 states Till then, I let my thoughts go, dangerously unstrung, I dove deeper into this fault, this undeclared passage. The use of the word dangerously and undeclared seem to be indicative of his feeling and his state of mind and his turbulent/chaotic/ unstable journey. The use of the word undeclared means that his presence on the ship is clearly not sanctioned by the Captain or by any of the ships crew members. Also seen is the mere fact that the persona has very daring or can be interpreted by others as desperate qualities, as the persona was willing to risk his life for just a view of the Promised Land. In this case is interpreted or known to be the United States of America. His mental stability seems to be wearing thin as he is using descriptive words like that of dangerously unstrung. Lines 17-24 Lines 17-24 state Without soundings theyre no telling how unfathomable the fall, how attainable the littoral. Surfacing Ill dangle on a single hope: that my eyes be blinded only by the promised land. Unfathomable also means to be immeasurable, vast, profound and bottomless. Littoral means a coastal region; especially: the shore zone between high tide and low tide points. The first known use of the world littoral was in the year 1828. The persona states that he/she is dangling on a single hope. It is sense of desperation and impetuosity (impulsiveness).

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