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March 1895 at 44 Rue de Rennes in Paris at an industrial meeting where a film especially for the occasion. Workers leaving the Lumire factory, was shown. Unlike Edison, the Lumire Brothers were quick to the Cinmatographe outside of their home country France, applying for an English patent on April 18th 1895.

The first of screenings occurred on 22nd

The brother continued to show their invention privately, again on June 10th to photographers in Lyon.

Non-Narrative and Narrative form

The difference between a Narrative and Non-Narrative form is that Narrative tells a
story within the piece of film, and also the story is also what drives the film and keeps it together and would also keep their audience watching, Narrative form of installation is mainly used in the Cinema. Non-Narrative form of installation, can also be used in Alternative films, video art films and experimental film making, this form can also include, alternative, abstract, poetic,
Gordons first solo show was in 1986, but it was in 1993, he exhibited 24 Hour Psycho in the spaces of Tramway, Glasgow. 24 hour Psycho consists of the works of Alfred Hitchcocks Psycho which is slowed down to approximately two frames a second, which would therefore make it 24 hours rather than the 109 minute film. Gordon had done this so that the audience feel more fearful in the movie but it is to also make them think about each shot. Douglas was born in Scotland in 1966 on the 20th of September, he studied art in Glasgow from 1984-1990. His work is seen as being about memory and uses the repetition in various forms. He uses clips from the public place, and also creates performance-based videos. His work often uses traditional uses of video by playing with time elements. He has often reused old footage of film and pictures in his work, this includes 24 hour Pyscho originally by Alfred Hitchcock, In between Darkness and Light which was shown in 1997


24 hour Psycho - Douglas


William Friedkins Exorcist in 1973 and Henry Kings The Song of Bernadette in 1943 which is two films about adolescent girls driven by external forces. Gordon has also made photographs, often in series with minor variations between each individual piece. His Blind Stars made in 2002, featured publicity photographs of mid-century movie stars in which the sitters eyes were replaced by expressionless black, white or mirrored surfaces.
Bill viola was born on 25th of January in 1951; he is a contemporary video artist and is considered as a leading figure in the generation, whose artistic expression is mainly focused on the electronic, Bill Viola - Triptych sound, and image technology within the New Media. Bills work mainly focuses on the idea of human experiences of things such as birth and death, also the aspects of unconsciousness. Triptych is where there are three videos, he used a split screen, on the very left there is a video of a baby being born, the middle is someone who looks like he is emerged in water unconscious and on the right is someone dying, he did this in this order because he is saying that no matter what you do, you will be born, and you will eventually die, the person in the water is a way of indicating this.

Andy Warhol Warhol worked across a wide range of media these included, painting, photography, drawing,

and sculpture. In addition, he was a highly prolific filmmaker. Between 1963 and 1968, he made more than 60 films. Another, Empire was made in 1964; this was an eight hour film of the empire state building. In 2005, the film was projected in its greater form on the wall of the Royal National Theatres fly tower in London. It was also screened in its greater form on December 4th, 2010 at the Varsity Theater in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with live musical accompaniment, by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hills Ackland Art Museum and Interdisciplinary Program in Cinema. It was also projected on May the 11th , 2013 at the MIC (Museo interattivo del Cinema) in Milan, Italy.

Empire State 8 hour film By Andy Warhol