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An Occurance at Owl Creek Bridge By Ambrose Bierce

1. Where is the setting of this story? 2. What does the man who is to be hanged look like? 3. Explain the elaborate process of this execution. 4. What did the man want to be his last thoughts? 5. What were the actual thoughts (end of Part I)

6. What is the name of the man and what was his occupation? 7. What inspired Farquhar to mess with Owl Creek Bridge?

8. What happened at the beginning of Part III? 9. What is one method of death that Farquhar definitely does not want to experience? 10. What was he able to do under the water? 11. What did the soldiers start to do? 12. Where did a bullet hit Farquhar? What did he do with it? 13. What is Farquhar focusing on as he swims in the stream? 14. What did he do when he reached the shore? 15. How long does it take him to get home? 16. What sensations is he feeling as he travels?

17. What is ironic about the last line of the story?