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Find the TRX in which sector: RXMOP:MO=RXOTRX-12-1; 4.External alarm in BTS: ALLIP:ALCAT=BTS; 5.Fault code in CF: RXMFP:MO=RXOTG-12; 6.Fault code in TRX: RXMFP:MO=RXOTRX-12-3; 7.How to find sector: RXTCP:MO=RXOTG-75; 8.How to find TG value: RXTCP:MOTY=RXOTG,CELL=ZRY117A; 9.Check traffic: RLCRP:CELL=ZRY935A; 10.Checl all the site status in BSC: RLCRP:CELL=ALL; 11.! TO HALT AND UNHALT SITES ! RLSTC:CELL=JRY141C,STATE=HALTED; RLSTC:CELL=UCW639C,STATE=ACTIVE; RLSTP:CELL=UJD977A; RLSTP:CELL=ALL,STATE=HALTED; 12.Check configuration(TRX) RXOMOP:MO=RXOTRX-12-0; From DIP to TG value: DTDIP:DIP=RBLT5;(Find SNT VALUE) NTCOP:SNT=ETRBLT-55;(ETRBLT-55 This is SNT value from last command)

STDEP:DEV=RBLT-1943&&-1955;(vALUE RBLT-1943&&-1955 find from last command) RXMDP:MOTY=RXOTG,DEV=RBLT-1953;(Which one is busy in last command) RXTCP:MO=RXOTG-440; 13.Check CELL ID,BCCH: RLDEP:CELL=ZRY775A; 14.Cell logical remove and appear: RLSLE:CELL=ZRY775A; RLSLI:CELL=ZRY775A; 15.Check communication with BTS: RXTEI:MO=RXOCF-65; 16.CELL LOGICAL active or Not: RLSLP:CELLZRY226A;(For check status) RLSLP:CELLZRY226A;(To active) 16.Check TEI value: RXMOP:MO=RXOCF-76; 17.All Internal alarm in BSC: RXASP:MOTY=RXOTG; 18.Remove label: RXMOP:MO=RXOTG-76;(Check now which label) RXMSC:MO=RXOTG-56,RSITE=ZRY554; RXMOP:MO=RXOTG-76;(Check now which label) 19.Check neibour cell: RLNRP:CELL=ZRY228A,CELLR=ALL; 20.How to find Site restore time: RXELP:MO=RXOTG-5; 21.Alarm SUPERVISION A1,A2,A3: RLSLP:CELL=ZRY228A; 21.Rest TG: RXBLI:MO=RXOTG-24,SUBORD,FORCE; RXESE:MO=RXOTG-24,SUBORD; RXESI:MO=RXOTG-24,SUBORD; RXBLE:MO=RXOTG-24,SUBORD; 22.Reset TRX: RXBLI:MO=RXOTRX-241-5,SUBORD,FORCE; RXESE:MO=RXOTRX-241-5,SUBORD; RXESI:MO=RXOTRX-241-5,SUBORD;

RXBLE:MO=RXOTRX-241-5,SUBORD; 23.Reset Time slot: RXBLI:MO=RXOTS-1-2-3,FORCE; RXESE:MO=RXOTS-1-2-3; RXESI:MO=RXOTS-1-2-3; RXBLE:MO=RXOTS-1-2-3; 24.Checl E1 status: DTSTP:DIP=80RBL2; 25.Check error in E1: DTQUP:DIP=RBLT71; DTQDP:DIP=226rb2; 26.Reset Error counter: DTQSR:DIP=RBLT55,UNACC,DEGR; 27.E1 Block and Deblock: DTBLE:DIP=9RB2; DTBLI:DIP=9RB2; 28.SWITCHING NETWORK TERMINAL FAULT: ALLIP:ALCAT=SWITCH; NTSTP:SNT=().....(Check alarm in SNT) 29.Block and Deblock SNT: NTBLI:SNT=ETRBLT-25; NTBLE:SNT=ETRBLT-25; 30.GBLINK: RRGBP; RADEP:DEV=RBLT2-310; NTCOP:SNT=ETM2-3; DTSTP:DIP=IRTG; 31.CP FAULT: ALLIP:ALCAT PROC; DPWSP; 32.Heart beat failure: eac_esi_config -ne GR10B1; 33.RP FAULT: EXRPP:RP=997 (To check RP status)..GDSTP;(To check master and slave) REPRI:RP=997; REMRI:RP=997,PCB="CGB-2 CLM890"; RECRI:RP-997;

BLRPI:RP=142,FORCED; If RP is working---reset BLRPE:RP=142; 34.Check the Node is UP or DOWN. IOEXP; ALLIP; APLOC; hwver ver Prcstate & hostname Cluster node Cluster res Cluster group Cluster netint cluster /list Cluster res | findstr -ive online 35.Back up information fault: SYBUE; SYBUP:FILE; ; SYTUC; SYBUI:DISC; 36.LBS DOWN: EXSCP:NAME=ALL; EXSCP:NAME=LBS_ZRY225; RADEP:DEV=RBLT2-3101; NTCOP:SNT=ETM2-2; DTSTP:DIP=80RBL2; 37.How many E1 at the site: RXAPP:MO=RXOTG-89; 38.RADIO TRANSMISSION IP GB INTERFACE FAULT! RRBVP:NSEI=ALL; 39.C7 LINK DOWN. C7LTP:LS=ALL; C7LDP:LS=3-3119; EXSCP:DEV=C7STAH-97; RADEP:DEV=RALT2-10222; NTCOP:SNT=ETM2-7; DTSTP:DIP=21RAL2; 40.DISTIBUTION GROUPSWITCH FAULT: GDSTP; GDBLI:UNIT=XM-A-0-0; GDBLE:UNIT=XM-A-0-0; 41.Transmission Error:and Manual system restored: SYRIP:SURVEY; !TO BACKUP FILE SYSTEM!

42.Network synchronization fault: NSSTP; 43.Blocking supervision of Device: DTSTP:DIP=RALT77; STBSP:DETY=RTTAH1D; STBSP:DETY=RALT; 44.Loss of visiblity: NE=GR10B1,NODE=B; 45.GB LINK Device Block and Deblock: RRGBP:NCBD; (Check status) RRVBI:NSVCI=11611; (To block) RRVBe:NSVCI=11611; (To Deblock) 46.Check Traffic in BSC: RRTPP:TRAPOOL=ALL; 47.SWITCHING NETWORK PRODUCTION: PWNSP:SDIP=ALL; 48.AP process Reinitiated: APLOC; ALIST ACEASE 6101:0 49.Radip tansmission transcoder pool: RRMAP:TRAPOOL=ALL; BLODI:DEV=RTTGD-6007; BLODE:DEV=RTTGD-6007; 50.Check AP alarms ALLIP:ALCAT=IO_DEV; 51.GROUP SWITCH FAULT: GSSTP; GSBLI:TSM=TSM-01; or CLM GSBLE:TSM=TSM-01; 52.GB OVER IP RRINP:NSEI=ALL; RRBVP:NSEI=ALL; 53.Delete LBS after rehome site.

exsce:name=LBS_ZNJ754,dev=RBLT2-2687; 54.BLOCKING SUPERVISION OF DEVICE. STBSP:DEV=RTGPHDV; (Status). BLODI:DEV=RTGPHDV-1040&&-1048; BLODE:DEV=RTGPHDV-1040&&-1048; 55.TO CONNECT VIA X29. GR11B3_X29 56.IF ALL TRU IN LOCAL MODE; RXPLI:MO=RXOCF-119,UC; 57.Check Node in IOG. IMMCT:SPG=0; IMCSP; RXCDP:MO=RXOTG-245; To check the dip belongs to Site and find the TG value from dip dtdip:dip=rblt120;- To find the SNT value ntcop:snt=etrblt-120; - To find the DEV stdep:dev=rblt-3841&&-3871; - To find the Traffic status if it is busy it is bel ongs to site If it is SEBU MBL it is belongs to LBS rxmdp:moty=rxots,dev=rblt-3865;- Pick any one busy dev To find the TG value rxtcp:mo=rxotg-84; - To find the site from TG value 13.Check CELL ID,BCCH: RLDEP:CELL=ZRY775A; RLCFP:CELL=ZRY; RLMFP:CELL=ZRY; RXAPP:MO=RXOTG-47; RXAPE:MO=RXOTG-47,DCP=59; RXAPI:MO=RXOTG-47,DCP=59,DEV=RBLT87; RRPTP:PSTU=ALL;