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How to rectify rdi alarm? In: Uncategorized [Edit categories] Answer: RDI stands for Remote Defect Indication.

RDI Alarms comes when a node is not rec eiving the signal from the corresponding Node, but only transmits. As this Alarm comes on Physical Layer, hence the Alarm can be rectify by cleanin g/replacing the Patch Cords/Electrical Jumper Wires.

Alarm indication signal (AIS) (also called all ones because of the data and framin g pattern) is a signal transmitted by an intermediate element of a multi-node tr ansport circuit that is part of a concatenated telecommunications system to aler t the receiving end of the circuit that a segment of the end-to-end link has fai led at a logical or physical level, even if the system it is directly connected to is still working Locate Loss of Signal and Loss of Frame Alarms Problem A loss of signal (LOS) or loss of frame (LOF) alarm indicates that a signal coul d not be detected at the T1 interface. Solution To locate the LOS or LOF alarm, check the connection between the router port and the first T1 network element. In the example network in Figure 1, the X indicat es that there is a connection problem between Router2 and the nearest T1 network element. Figure 1: Location of an LOS or LOF Alarm in a T1 Network