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Activity #2- As you read and discuss with your group, write down important facts about your

enlightenment thinker. After you have become an expert on your own thinker, you will share your findings with a group of classmates, and learn about their thinkers as well (CCLS RI.1-citing strong and thorough textual evidence to support analysis). Enlightenment Thinker Jigsaw
Enlightenment Thinker Where is this thinker from? What type of government do they support? Why do they support this type of government? Which texts did they produce? What is one BIG IDEA that they are most known for? Do they believe that people are naturally good? Explain. Where do we see their influence today? Explain.

John Locke

Mary Wollstonecraft

Baron de Montesquieu

Jean Jacques Rousseau

Thomas Hobbes