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Daoist Magical Talismans

Table of Contents
Daoist Magical Talismans Introduction to Magic Talismans Applications of Magic Talismans Types of Magic Talismans Talismans for Making Spirits Appear Talismans for Obtaining a Spirit Servant Talismans for Weather Magic Talismans for Shape Shifting Talismans To Make a Dead Person Walk Talismans for Invisibility Talismans To Heal Sickness Talismans for Protection Talismans for Sex Magic Talismans for Destroying Friendships Talismans for Creating Sickness The Origin of Magical Talismans The Origin of Writing Patterns Conclusion He Tu (Chart of the Yellow River) Lou Shu (Lou River Chart) Secret Teachings of Magic Talismans The Famous Five Lingbao Talismans 7 7 9 10 10 10 10 10 11 12 12 12 13 13 13 14 15 16 17 20 23 24 Three Popular Types of Talisman Writing 40 Other Mediums of Talismanic Writing 41 Nine Basic Rules for Making a Talisman 42 Magic Talisman Rituals 45 Avoiding Inauspicious Days 45 Stage #1: Jing Shen Mu Yu (Purify the Body) 46 Stage #2: Cui Shui (Spit Water) 46 Stage #3: Qi Shi (Invoke and Summon) 46 Stage #4: Mian Zhao (Purification Incantation) 46 Stage #5: Jing Pian Di (Heaven & Earth Incantation) 46 Stage #6: Ci Bi Ci Mo (Brush & Ink Stone) 46 Stage #7: Jin Zhou Shu (Breath Incantations) 46 Stage #8: Draw the Talisman 46 Stage #9: Seal the Talisman 46 Stage #1: Jing Shen Mu Yu (Purify the Body) 47 Cleaning and Purifying the External Body 47 Cleaning and Purifying the Internal Body 47 Stage #2: Cui Shui (Spit Water) 59

Stage #3: Qi Shi (Invoke and Summon) 62 Secret Names used in Invoking & Summoning 62 Magical Passwords and Code-names 62 Talisman Incantation 63 Stage #4: Mian Zhao (Purification Incantation) 64 Stage #5: Jing Pian Di (Heaven and Earth) Reading the Document of Intention Stage #6: Ci Bi Ci Mo (Brush & Ink Stone) The Magic Ink-Stone To Consecrate the Magic Ink Water To Consecrate the Magic Ink Stone The Magic Brush (Pen) To Consecrate the Magic Pen To Activate the Magical Pen The Magical Ink To Consecrate the Magic Ink To Activate the Magical Ink Creating the Talisman Paper To Consecrate the Magic Paper 65 65 67 67 67 68 69 70 71 71 71 72 73 74

Qualifications of a Talisman Master (Fa Shi) 27 Talismans and Esoteric Character Sounds 27 Construction a Magic Talisman Choosing the Right Character Single and Multiple Characters The Magical Scriptures The Types of Colors The Command Seal Inviting the Deity or Spirit Entity Types of Deities and Immortals The Incantation Seal Constructing Unorthodox Talismans Practicing Constructing Magic Talismans Practicing Drawing Talisman Disposing of the Practice Talisman Ash Creating Magic Talismans Breath: Speaking Incantations Breath Body: Forming Hand Seals Mind: Writing the Talisman 28 29 31 32 32 32 33 33 35 35 36 36 36 37 37 37 38 39

Stage #7: Jin Zhou Shu(Breath Incantations) 75 Stage #8: Draw the Talisman The Three Magic Star Seals Stage #9: Sealing the Talisman The Disciples Personal Heart Seal 81 85 90 91


The Disciples Thunder Magic Seals 91 Additional Seals 93 Sealing the Talisman 94 Placement of the Magical Seal 94 Sealing With Breath Incantations and Smoke 94 Command the Talisman Incantation 96 Application of a Talisman in Feng Shui Talismans and Medicine Talismanic Water: Fu Shui Healing Purification Protection Ritual Bathing Folding Talismanic Paper Daoist Immortals and Divination Chairs Talisman Tables and Divination Boards 97 97 98 98 98 99 99 99 102 103

Send Report to Jade Emperor Talisman 138 Talismans for Presenting Official Documents 139 The Five Generals Magic Seal Talismans 140 The 10 Heavenly Stems Exorcistic Generals 141 Martial General Wen Qiong 142 Martial General Ma Hua Guang 142 General Mas Golden Brick Talisman 143 General Mas Golden Brick Incantation 143 General Mas Fire Crow Talisman Incantation 143 General Mas Fire Wheel Talisman Incantation 144 General Mas Fire Crow Talisman Incantation 144 Martial General Yin Jiao Martial General Zhou Yuan Shuai Martial General Zhao Gongming 145 145 146

The Long Hu Shan Daoists

Translations of Ancient Zheng Yi Daoist Talisman Books 105 Introduction 105 Historical Background of Chinese Sorcery 105 Three Mountains Drop of Blood Alliance 106 The Celestial Master (Tian Shi) Daoist Sect of the Long Hu Shan Daoist Monastery 106 Secret Talismans 107 The Qing Wei Original Law Method Classifications of Magic Talismans Celestial Stems and Earthly Branches The Six Jia Spirits The Six Ding Spirits The legacy of Written Talismans The Qing Wei Yin Yang Talisman Seals The Nine Phoenix Purification Talismans Incense Activation Talismans Altar Curtain Activation Talismans Altar Protection Talismans Miscellaneous Activation Talismans Secret Sound Activation Talismans Secret Patterns Activation Talismans Talismans of the Three Pure Ones Incantations of the Three Pure Ones Talismans of the Five Direction Altars Talismans of the Four Gates Talismans of the Four Gods of Time


Talismans to Summon the Celestial Generals 148 Incantation to Summon the Celestial Generals 148 Talismans to Open The Heavens Incantation to Open The Heavens Summon 10,000 Immortals Talisman Talismans to Summon the Thunder Gods Supreme Commander Deng Supreme Commander Bi Supreme Commander Xin Supreme Commander Pang Five Thunder Talismans The Magic Seal of the Thunder Court Thunder Talisman Incantation Talismans to Summon the Thunder Generals Incantation to Invite The Five Thunders
The Thunder Court (Thunderclap Division) The Thunder Court (Thunder Gate Division) The Thunder Court (Four Great Marshals) The Four Great Guardians of the Saints

154 154 155 156 156 157 158 158 159 160 161 162 162
165 166 167 168

108 110 112 112 114 116 118 119 120 122 124 125 126 127 128 130 132 134 136

Talismans to Summon the Thunder Generals 169 Talismans to Summon Taixuan Shang Xiang 24 Thunder Talismans to Remove Disasters Talismans to Move a Prisoner Removing Difficulties Talismans

179 181 184 185

The Chart of the Authentic Mans Original Destiny Guiding Star 186

Daoist Magical Talismans

Talismans For Healing Talismans For Stopping Plague

187 189

Choking Bone Talisman Activating the Spirit Money Making Peace Talisman Offended the Six Jia Talisman The Fa Xie Magic Ritual

257 258 259 261 262

Talismans For Changing the Soil 193 Incantation to Pacify the Earth 194 Incantation to Protect Temple, House & Land 195 Talismans For Stopping Termites 196 Talismans To Create Union and Harmony 197 Union and Harmony Incantation 198 Helping Marriage Incantation 199 Supporting a Relationship Incantation 198 Peace & Harmony in Relationship Incantation 200 Finding A Mate Talisman Finding A Mate Incantation Talismans For Protecting Unborn Child 201 201 202

Talisman for Killing Pain & Stop Bleeding 262 Incantation for Inviting the God of Wealth 263 Incantation for Inviting Help and Assistance 263

The Mao Shan Daoists

Shang Qing Talismans The Study of Shang Qing Talismans Opening The Third Eye Exercise #1 Opening The Third Eye Exercise #2 Opening The Third Eye Exercise #3 Hand Seal Used for Seeing Illusions, Ghosts and Spirit Entities

265 266 291 293 293 293

The Daoist Funeral 203 Talismans For Funerals 209 Talismans For Sealing a Coffin 211 Talismans to Summon Spirits of the Dead 213 Talismans & Incantation to Invite Taiyi to Altar 215 Talismans For Commanding Demons 216 Talismans For Hunting Evil Spirits 217 7 Star Stepping Summoning the Ne Zha 219 Talismans For Breaking Into Hell 220 Incantation to Summon the Powers of the Right 225 The Magic Skill of Celestial Master Zhang for Expelling Evil and Curing Diseases 227 Contents of The Talisman Book 227 If You Become Ill from 1st to 30th Day: 228 12 Magic Talismans for Suppressing Nightmares 243 Chart of the 12 Earthly Branches Birth Hour 246 Suppressing Disasters & Avoiding Evil 247 The Heavenly Kings Magic Talismans for Alleviating Disasters 249 Contents of The Talisman Book 250 January Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 251 February Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 251 March Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 252 April Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 252 May Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 253 June Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 253 July Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 254 August Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 254 September Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 255 October Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 255 November Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 256 December Talisman to Balance Mind & Body 256

Mao Shan Rituals for Activating the Magic Talisman Tools 298 Beginning The Activation Ritual 298 Mao Shan Magic Talisman for Meeting Your Lover in a Dream 302 Mao Shan Magic Talisman for Summoning a Spirit Helper 304 Mao Shan Magic Technique for making a Straw Effigy 305 Advanced Mao Shan Talismans The Dao of the Left Preparation Selecting the Site Creating the Magic Circle The 9 Palaces, Guardians, & Star Gates The Four Altar Spaces The Celestial Altar The Assistant Altar The Sacrificial Offering Table The Great Standard Table The 28 Star Constellation Standards 7 Divisions of the 28 Star Constellation Constructing the Magical Seal The Nine Star Command Talismans and their Magical Incantations Storing the Magic Talismans and Seal Constructing the Red Seal Paste Constructing the Magical Talisman to Summon the Six Jia Spirits 306 306 307 307 307 308 310 310 311 311 312 312 315 317 318 323 324 324


The Great Standard 325 Creating The Tan (Sacred Area) 326 Present Offerings to the 6 Jia Spirit Generals 327 Summoning the Spirits Jia-Zi Rite (Jia-Zi Day - 1st Day) Jia-Xu Rite (Yi-Chou Day - 2nd Day) Jia-Shen Rite (Ping-Yin Day - 3rd Day) Jia-Wu Rite and the Jia Chen Rite (Ding-Mao Day - 4th Day) Jia-Yin Rite (Wu-Chen Day - 5th Day) 328 328 333 338 343 354

Secret Sounds Used to Purify the Way 387 Secret Sounds Used to Protect the Body 388 Incantation to God Su Xi for Spirit Transformation 389 Secret Magic Sounds to Gain Spiritual Insight and Wisdom 389 Incantation to Immortal of the West River 391 Incantation for Holy Paper & Pen 391 Incantation for Creating Magic 391 Secret Method for Curing Sores & Ulcers 392 Curing Diseases with Date Fruit 392 Curing Diseases with Tai Yang Tai Yin Magic Seal 394 Ten Heavenly Stems and the Tai Yang Tai Yin Magic Character Seal 394 Incantation for Inviting the God of Fire 395 The Upper, Middle, and Lower Characters used to Treat Disease 395 The Eight Immortals 398 Incantation for Inviting 8 Immortals to Altar 399 Zhong Li Quan 399 Zhang Guo Lao 400 Lu Dong Bin 401 Incantation for Inviting Lu Dong Bin to Altar 403 Cao Guo Jiu 404 Han Xiang Zi 405 He Xian Gu 406 Lan Cai He 407 Li Tie Guai 408 Other Immortals 409 Li Bai: The God of Poetry 409 Incantation for Inviting Immortal Li Bai to Altar 410 The Two Daoist Masters of Compassion 410 Incantation for Inviting Immortal Ge to Altar 412 The Immortals of Peng Lai 413 Immortals of the Dipper Stars 418 The Five Ghosts Immortals 422 The Five Ghosts Of Religious Daoism 422 The Five Ghosts Of Daoist Folk Magic 422 Talismans for Conquering the Five Ghosts 424 Command Talismans 429 The Eight Archivists The Five Victorious Talismans The Eight Mighty Talismans Performing Divination Performing the Ritual Ascending to Heaven Performing Plant Magic About the Author 431 433 434 434 435 438 439 440

Problems Controlling the Demon Generals 360 Completing the Jia Spirit Rituals 362 After the 60-Day Ritual 362

The Ling Bao Daoist Sect

Secret Talismans of Spirit Writing Magic 364 The Method of Inviting the Immortals Using the Fuji (Spirit Writing Tool) 365


Incantation for Burning the Incense 365 Incantation for Cleaning the Water 366 Incantation for Activating the Paper 368 Incantation for Activating the Pen 368 Incantation for Activating the Ink 369 Incantation for Drawing Magic Characters 369 Incantation for Inviting Celestial Immortal Tai Yi 370 Drawing the Magic Talismans Ritual for Inviting the Immortals Pasting and Burning the Talismans 373 374 375

When The Immortals Wont Show 377 When Things Go Wrong 379 Protecting the priest After the Divination 381 28 Star Constellations and Divination Basket 383 Incantation for Inviting 9 Dipper Gods to Altar 384 Incantation for Opening the Altar and Summoning the Stars 384 Incantation for Calling the Immortals 384 Incantation for Holy Water 385 Incantation for Purifying the Body 385 Incantation for Purifying the Mouth 385 Incantation for Purifying the Mind & Heart 386 Incantation for Addressing the Prayers 386 Secret Sounds Used to Stabilize the Mind Secret Sounds Used to Purify the Body Secret Sounds Used to Purify the Mouth Secret Sounds Used to Purify the Mind Secret Sounds Used to Purify the Earth

387 387 387 387 387