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Tamimah and Tiwalah

Bismillaahi aktubu,

From Masyayikh such as the Shahaba of Rasulullaahi

Shalallaahu 'alaihi wa aali wa Sallam, there were
types of these type of things:

1. Doing Wudhu while the Wudhu water being put

into the bucket. Then recite Qur'an in that state of
having Wudhu. After the recitation is over, quickly
spit into the bucket. This water is good for
eliminating Syaithaan influence around the place
where the water bing spill there.

This is the opinion of Imamul Islam Abu Daud As

Sijistani and others Rahimahullaahu ajma'in.

2. Put certain medicine in fluid form, then use it as

similar to an ink, then put it into a paper. Then tell
the patient to put the paper into water.

3. Syaikh Abdul 'Aziiz bin Baz Rahimahullaah been

saying that Tamimah (protection) by hanging ayat Al
Qur'an actually if it is allowed, then it is only allowed
for little children.

4. Syaikh Abu Abdurrahman bin Nuh been saying that

the atsar which been used by Asy Syaikhul Islam is
Dha'if, because the narrator was Mudallis (weak
While the opinion of Imamul Islam Abu 'Iisa At
Tirmidzi is that of Al Hadits in his Sunan At Tirmidzi:

"Whoever hang anything then he will surrender to

that thing he hang (Tawakkal into)."

So it’s really unworthy and absolutely wrong.

Assalaamu’alaikum manit taba’al huda (May peace,

development and safety from guile to who follow the

Assalaamu’alaikum wa rahmatullaahi wa barakaatuh (May

peace, development and safety from guile and Allah’s mercy
and blessings of Allaah be upon thee).