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Nathan Hurley Unit 57

As an Aspie
Distorted font for the title. Old house or corridor.

Aspergers syndrome sufferer sat against the wall, head in knees. Colours of black and bleakest grey.

The dark and monotonous colours represent the sadness and misunderstanding of Aspergers syndrome. The figure in the distance shows what its like for me with my conditions.

Title font in Courier, white. Bright, stripy, colourful background.

Only models face visible.

Bright, vivid colours to give the cover a bright, happy feel. Contrasts with the sad expression on the models face.

All Hail the Penguin Overlord

Icy wilderness for the background. Superimposing Kyles face onto a penguin. Interesting image.

The idea of superimposing a persons head on a penguins body gives a sense of personification and bringing the similarities between people and animals together.

The In-crowd
Title in a white sans serif font. Possible lens flare in the corner.

Me, Kyle and Harvey standing in a black or dark background in a typical boy band sort of way. I would be stood away from Kyle and Harvey, giving a sense of isolation.