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Lesson plan format for individual lessons during the block practicum

Lesson Powder Paint Time

Date 08/10/2009 Year Bilbies (Preps)

UNIT OUTCOMES/ESSENTIAL LEARNINGS Recognising and building on childrens diverse backgrounds and experiences, and catering for these by engaging children creating a learning environment characterised by positive relationships among all partners in the learning community Engaging children in experiences of increasing complexity that lead to deep understandings. LEARNING OBJECTIVES:
At the end of this lesson students will have the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to :

1. The students within the Bilbies classroom will be able to demonstrate their surroundings within drawing and painting. 2. The students will also be able to show working within a team through an activity. 3. The students will have a firm understanding on what the assembly will be focusing on and why. RESOURCES Felt Pens, powder paint pots/paint, fine paint brushes, A3 Paper, Rulers and Aprons STUDENTS PRIOR KNOWLEDGE The prior knowledge that the students will be able to produce to me is their prior knowledge on the buildings that are within their school community and what each building represents.


MOTIVATION: The way in which I will motivate the students is through a poster on pictures that I took that represent buildings within their school yard. Also explain to them that I will be able to move them up and down the ladder during the lesson so it is a good time to show me their best listening skills.

INTRODUCTION: Within the introduction to the lesson I will start off by getting the students to sit around Mrs. OBriens chair and start off by saying That we have a very special celebration coming up Is anyone able to tell me what it is??? If their slightly off track give them a hint like heres a little hint its happening on Friday? Then talk briefly about how the assembly on Friday is to bless all the new buildings within St Columbas do examples such as The Multipurpose area, the Prep Classrooms, Tuck Shop and how all these buildings are very special to St Columbas and makes up the school. LESSON CONTENT: Within the middle this will be me asking the kids what buildings are special to them within the school and why they are special to them. Next I will start to explain the Art activity. 1) Step one will be telling them that today we will be doing a fun art activity, and the great ideas that they have shared with me about their favourite buildings within St Columbas they will now put those ideas onto paper with a felt pen and create their building. 2) Explain that all they need to do is draw lines of their building only. And there is no colouring involved as we will be doing some powder painting instead of colouring in with pencils. Make sure I show them my example




6) 7)

before it has colour on it. And show them how I have done a picture without colouring and only have lines to represent the multipurpose building. Than explain to them that I would like them to work in pairs during the activity and get them to choose their partner and sit with them on the carpet. Tell them that at each table there are felt pens and I would like them to discuss with their partner what they would like to draw and then draw the building but only drawing the outline. Explain that they must use the whole page not just a tiny bit of the page. They also need to be reminded that it must needs to be done quietly. Recap the ladder and that its a good time to show me that they can work together quietly and both them and their partner could move up the ladder as it is Freddo Friday tomorrow. I will than explain after they have done there outline in felt pen they will than need to put an apron on and go outside to one of the adults and paint their buildings as a pair. And tell them that after they have painted them we will be putting them up around the room and if they do a really neat, slow not rushed job that even Mr Wilkie might come and have a look at their Art work. Than I will send them off to their tables to start their drawings. As their creating their drawings ill have the white board turned around so that they can see the photos of the school, and the pre design that I have created. I will also move around the room watching them and praising their good work.

BEHAVIOURAL MANAGEMENT: Incase of any problems throughout the activity to get the students attention I will use attentive techniques such as: Stick em Up

Doing a different body part while saying I can see rah rah watching me doing the right thing Eeeeeeee ohohohohohohohohoh And always remind them about the Ladder

CONCLUSION: Within the commencement of my lesson I will give the students commands such as in 3 minutes I will call out stick em up and they will have to stop what they are doing, and listen for the following instructions. 1) Ill need each table to pack up their felt pens and put them away any drawings that havent been painted to be collected by a chosen child and handed to me any paintings that were half completed in the short time before packing up can then be hung up. 2) Then Ill get the students to move back to the carpet to start their prayer. ASSESSMENT/EVALUATION: If I was to assess the children on the activity I would either complete a check list of what they know and what they dont know and how they worked within a team. EXTENDED ACTIVITIES FOR EARLY FINISHERS: Early finishes I would get them to read a book on the carpet until the rest of the class was finished.