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HUMANITIES 8 Section ABBEST Date: October 22, 2013 Term: Fall midterm Humanities 8 1.

What are your goals for your 8th grade learning in Humanities? (I wish you all great expectations!) Please list at least one, but not more than three. I want to become better at writing structured papers using outlines, thesis statements, and coming up with "So What" new meanings in my conclusions. I've had lots of practice with creative writing but not much practice with structured essays. 2. What support will you need to reach those goals this year? I will need the support that Karen is already giving me, by guiding me through the process and giving me lots of examples of outlines, thesis statements and conclusions. She is also explaining about the different types of papers and how to write them, all of which is very helpful. 3. In what area (see categories below) do you feel the greatest sense of accomplishment thus far? I think that so far, I have gotten better at writing short almost one sentence summaries for books and short stories. I have also improved my vocabulary and grammar skills by paying attention in class and learning what Karen teaches us. 4. In what area (see categories below) do you feel you need to improve the most to become procient? I need to work on nding time to read, talking about and summarizing what I read, reading in between the lines and thinking about themes and authors purpose.

PART 2: Please assess yourself on each skill using the Middle School assessment scale

(below), and include a brief comment that explains why you assessed yourself in this way for work of this term. SCALE: P-Procient (consistently contributes work of a high quality for this course at this point in time) D-Developing (does not yet meet standard, but is well on the way there) NA-Needs Attention (does not yet meet standard, and needs more rapid improvement) Understands and applies critical reading skills for literary and historical meanings: Developing Do you comprehend what you read, and have an ability to summarize plot, including details of setting and character? Do you understand major themes and infer meaning outside the words? Do you make personal and textual connections to what you are reading? Do you read daily? I understand what I read but have a hard time writing short and concise summaries. I make connections and identify themes when I think about the reading during discussions and class but outside of classwork I do not consciously think about themes. Participates actively and cooperatively in class: Procient Do you distract yourself or others ? Do you respond respectfully and appropriately to others contributions? Do you advance class work by being an active listener and engaged participant in class discussions? Do you work cooperatively and responsibly in groups by doing your share of work? Do you use your iPad appropriately in class? Are you CURIOUS ? I think that I almost always actively and enthusiastically participate during class, because I don't get very distracted, I make logical and related contributions to discussions, I work well in groups, I keep my Ipad away in my bag unless it is necessary, and I am curious and engaged in what we do.

Demonstrates vocabulary and grammar facility: Developing Are you building a list of new words you encounter in the reading? Do you show facility with terms of literary analysis? Do you watch mechanics of punctuation, capitalization and correct usage in all writing? Do you follow rules of formal written English when the assignment requires it? I do not know a lot about grammar, but I do use the grammar I know including, capitalization and some punctuation. My vocabulary supply is not very large but I am learning the words that we write on the board and I would like to start recording words that I nd in my reading. Understands and uses writing skills effectively across genres: Developing Do you write creatively? Do you write clearly on all assignments and relay research information in an organized and interesting fashion? Do you write well analytically showing a logical ow of ideas, offering sufcient evidence, and constructing a strong thesis statement ? Do you reect routinely - take all class opportunities to write in journal? Do you regularly submit carefully revised work, making sure all written work is in complete sentences? I have lots of practice with creative writing, and in general my work is organized and interesting although I am still learning about different essays structures and I am working on writing outlines, thesis statements and meaningful conclusions. I write in complete sentences and revise my work, but I need to make sure that my sentences are concise and not repetitive. Demonstrates positive learning habits : Procient Are your organized: arrive with books, planner and homework completed? Are you prepared: Arrives on time and ready to learn? Do you begin work promptly and nish it completely and to best of ability? Do you show learning initiative/self-advocacyseek out teacher for help/ clarication/ extensions, before an assignment is due, provide input onto assignments to better them/make them your own?

Do you work in productive manner independently when not in teacher-directed group? I come to class organized and prepared and my homework is always nished. I ask lots of questions to clarify assignments and I work productively especially when it is quiet. Understands and Applies Public Speaking and Presentation Skills: Procient Do you read aloud with uency and sufcient volume and clarity to be well understood? When making presentations are they well organized, expressive, and have audience appeal? Although we have not yet gotten to do much public speaking or presentations, when I have read aloud in class it is uent and usually loud enough. Understands and Applies Research Skills:Procient Do you keep track of sources: works consulted or works cited for each assignment? We have not yet started using noodle tools but I do copy and paste the URL's of all the cites that I use below my writing.