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Lesson Plan

Skill Objective(s): Student will display a mature Set, Dig, Hit, and Serve 8 out of 10 times in a lead up game setting. Set 1. Makes contact with only fingertips. 2. Hands in ready position above forehead. 3. Wide Aggressive Stance. a. Knees bent. b. Feet are shoulder width apart. c. Weight on the balls of their feet. 4. Thorough follow through. Dig/Bump 1. Hand Position a. Palms up one hand lying flat inside of the other. b. Close hands with thumbs together pointing away from the body. c. Inside of forearm flattened as much as possible. 2. Wide aggressive stance. a. Feet shoulder width apart b. Knees bent c. Weight on the balls of their feet. 3. Uses legs for power. Hit 1. Left leg forward(Right leg if left handed). 2. Bow and Arrow ready position. a. Dominant arms elbow pointed backwards. b. Elbow at a low angle, 40 or less. c. Hand just behind head, open with the palm facing up. d. Non dominant arm straight out for balance. 3. Makes contact at the highest point. a. If capable jumping is encouraged if proper form is not sacrificed. Time 3 min Progression-Activities 1. Warm up Activity. a. Hitting (wall) Formation-Organization-Explanation Equipment: Volleyballs and Nets.

Teacher: Thaddaeus Dvorak Grade Level: Middle School


-Each student with their own volleyball -Bow and Arrow. stands 8-10 feet away from a wall they -Hit it at the top. can hit against. -Bend the knees. -The student will start out gently hitting the volleyball with a focus on correct form against the wall. Over time they will start to increase the hitting power as their arm warms up. - Let the ball roll back to them and repeat. -Students will slide from their location -Dont cross the feet.

30 sec

b. Slide

3 min

c. Setting (wall)

3 min

d. SettingDigging(wall)

2 min

e. Jumping- Defense

to the volleyball net. Touch it and slide back. -The student will keep their ball. -Finger tips. - The student will now stand 2 feet away -Bend the knees. from the wall. -Hit it high. - With their ball they will practice setting against the wall repeatedly. -Do not catch the ball. Set it back against the wall. -Get Low -This is an addition to the Setting (wall). -Hit -The student will set the ball against the wall. -This time instead of continuously setting the ball they will dig the ball against the wall. -Catch the ball from the dig and start again with the set. - Everyone gets a partner and stands at the net, one person on each side of the net. - Facing their partner the students will jump as high as they can and touch the net. - This will be repeated till I say stop. -Students will partner up with one ball per couple. -Facing each other with 10 feet spacing students will set the ball back and forth with each other without stopping or letting it hit the ground. -Same partners as setting. -Spaced about 10 feet apart the first partner will toss the ball to the other partner. -The second partner will dig the ball back to the first partner. -Switch after 2 mins of digging. -Students with the same partner will now start with a toss to the other partner. -The partner will set the ball back to the first partner where they will try to dig

4 min

2. Setting (Partner)

-Finger tips. -Bend the knees. -Hit it high.

4 min

3. Digging (Partner)

-Get Low -Hit it high.

4 min

4. Setting-Digging (Partner)

-Make the pass high.

the ball back to the second partner. - The second partner now becomes the first partner and starts again by tossing it to their partner. 4 min 5. Hitting-Setting (Partner) -The students with the same partners will then gain access to a hard surface to hit against. -The partner starting with the ball will set it to their partner. -The second partner will then receive the pass by hitting it into the wall. Then get the rebound. -They continue this till I say switch. -The partners will then switch positions and continue.

4 min

6. Hit-Dig(Partner)

-The students will partner up with one ball per couple. -They will then give themselves 15 feet of space. - One partner with the ball will be working on hitting form. - The other partner will be digging the first partners hits. -The goal is for the digger to have the ball get back to the hitter. If not possible at least get it above their heads. - This will be repeated until Ive been able to see good fundamentals in the majority of the class and work with those who are struggling. -The roles will then switch and the hitter will be digging and the digger will be hitting. -The class splits into four teams and each team picks a half court. -The object of the game is to get the ball to touch the opposing teams floor inbounds. -One person will serve from behind the back line over the net to the other team. -The other team will try to catch the ball.


7. Newcomb

-If they catch it then they throw it over to the other teams side trying to get them to drop it. -When a team scores they get 1 point and they get to serve. -First team to 5 wins. -I will stop the game and add a twist. -When the ball is caught the person who caught it must now pass the ball to a teammate who will set the ball over the net. Throwing over the net is no longer allowed accept for on the serve. -Twist 2: Now the person who catches the serve will pass the ball to a teammate who will bump the ball over the net. -Twist 3: Now the person who catches the ball can choose to either pass the ball to a teammate who can either set or bump the ball over the net. Or the person who caught the ball can choose to Hit the ball to the other side. -A different team mate has to return the ball every time.