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Philosophy Statement Sanchez, Adriana EDUC 201 Foundations of Education Instructor: Egbert

Philosophy Philosophy Statement Teaching is like technology now days. Theres always a better strategy out there. Having been in the workforce for the last couple years, I have seen many styles of teaching. Just like technology, it always seems like there is a new strategy to replace an antiquated way of doing things. According to my philosophical beliefs all schools should teach inquiry because it will promote 21st Century skills such as thinkers and problem solvers. This would allow students to think outside the box and get them ready for the future. The teachers role is to facilitate learning. This means the teacher would provide multiple opportunities in the classroom setting to enable student driven learning. This should be partially decided by the student, due to their interests and partially by the teacher, due to the curriculum. However, I feel that the students role has changed. Where they once were required to recite information, now they are being asked to develop an opinion on subject matter and provide evidence to support their view. Students are now scientists, their role has changed; they are no longer mere copycats. There are several learning styles. Some of the different learning styles in the classroom are: modality, structure/support, individual/group, motivation, and environment. I have discovered certain concepts about my learning styles, depending on what I am learning. Im visual and a tactile learner in settings like math or on the Challenge Course on campus. I learn best by working independently. When working with a group, I feel that I dont learn all the material because Im only responsible for a portion of the project. I would prefer to be responsible for the entire project so I have my head wrapped around it. I would say that I am self-motivated, but I enjoy the extra boost of energy from my peers.

Philosophy It is my aspiration as an educator to help these students learn to be the best they can be and not let anyone tell them otherwise. I would make sure to teach the students in different ways, whether its playing a game or showing them a video. My main goal as an educator is to teach differentiation of learning styles to accommodate the students and their needs. Any philosophy is important to any given teacher because thats the basis where they teach. Being a new teacher its inevitable that my philosophy will evolve and grow into something amazing, that at this moment is hard to envision.