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Context and Learning Environment for this Lesson: Interns Name: Anna Vequist Host/Mentor Teacher: Laurie Kurzen Grade Level(s): 1st grade Time: 2:45-3:30pm The setting (briefly describe learners and classroom physical setting) There are eighteen 1st grade students in the classroom, one who is receiving ESL support, and one who has been identified with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome, ADHD and anger issues. Students are sitting in table groups of 4 to 5 desks each; classroom has two computers, Smart Board and projector, and an ELMO projector. 1. Lesson Objectives (domain and level) The students will help to write a sense poem about pizza that is at least 5 lines long. 2. State Writing Standards: 1.L.2 Grade 1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing. 1.W.5 Grade 1: With guidance and support from adults, focus on a topic, respond to questions and suggestions from peers, and add details to strengthen writing as needed. 3. Materials Ingredients of Pizza o Can of Tomato Sauce o Cheese (Parmesan) o Bag of Pepperonis o English Muffins Teacher Popcorn Senses Example Pizza Slices Worksheet Pizza Ingredients Worksheet Pizza Senses Worksheet Senses Magnets School: Timmerman Elementary Subject: Reading

Tentative Date to be Taught: October 14 , 2013 ,

4. Anticipatory Set I will start by explaining to the students that we are going to be going down to the cafeteria to make pizzas. As the students make the pizza, we will talk about the different parts that we put on the pizza (sauce, cheese, pepperonis, and English muffins. Why are these items important to have in a pizza? What different things do you see, hear, smell and taste? Let the students know to keep this in mind while making and eating the pizza, for their senses poem later. 5. Input Objective: Today, we are going to write a sense poem about pizza. Teacher Input: To make our sense poem, we will be using our 5 senses, hearing, smelling, seeing, tasting and touching, to describe pizza. To describe our senses, we use adjectives. Adjectives are words that help describe nouns. For example, What if (student) told me that she ate ice cream? Then, I could think of all types of ice cream. It could be a chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, rocky road anything! But, if (Student) came up and told me that she had chocolate fudge covered ice cream cone with nuts, then I have a much better picture of her ice cream cone in my mind. To write our sense poem, we will think of words that fit with our senses, and then we will use adjectives to help create a detailed picture in our minds. 6. Modeling To help get us started with finding the correct words that describe our senses I am going to think of food, like popcorn to help up describe the different senses of food. I am going to write a sense poem about popcorn using my 5 senses. o One of my favorite things about popcorn is its white and yellow color. The creamy butter looks so delicious on top, it makes my mouth water! I see the yellow butter on the popcorn. o I love the sound of the popcorn popping when it gets hot, it is such a fun food to cook. I hear the kernels popping in the microwave. o My other favorite thing about popcorn is the smell of it right when it comes out of the microwave; it is so hot and fresh. I smell the hot popcorn in the bowl. o The best part of the pizza in my opinion is the topping! My topping I chose on my pizza is pepperoni! I love how they are a little spicy, but not too much, just a little! When there taste hits my mouth, I am in heaven! I taste the crunchy soft popcorn in my mouth.

o When I am eating pizza, I love to feel the soft pizza popcorn in my hand, I especially love to throw them in the air and catch them in my mouth! I feel the soft white popcorn pieces in my hand.

7. Guided Practice/ Independent Practice After we have gone over each sense, I will have helpers pass out the Pizza Senses Worksheet page go over to the white board and put up each sense picture, see, hear, smell taste, and feel. After the students are able to see each sense, I will have the brainstorm different adjectives to describe pizza. We will think of different words for each sense, and choose one to write on our pizza senses worksheet.

8. Check for Understanding I will check and make sure the students have filled out their worksheets completely with the different words that we have chosen for each sense. I will look for things like o Words that describe the sense accurately. o Adjectives that provide the readers with a real picture that describes pizza.

9. Closure o After the students are finished writing their senses poem, I will pass out the Pizza Slices and Pizza Ingredients Worksheet, and have the students make their own paper pizza. After the students have cut out both worksheets, an glued on the ingredients to the pizza slice, they will color the pieces, and I will hang them up on the bulletin board outside the classroom. 10. Assessment I will expect the students to write a sense poem about pizza with at least five lines.

11. Adaptations Gearing up 1. Difficulty- If a student is ready I will have the students come up with the poem on their own, without my assistance. 2. Alternate Goals- If the student finishes the senses poem early, have the student fill out a senses poem for their favorite food, example- Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Gearing down

1. Level of Support- If a student is struggling, and falling behind, I will meet one on one with the student to finish filling out the poem and help them spell words or help with writing if needed. 2. Size- If the student is struggling, I will reduce the number of senses they will have to write to three instead of five, they can also choose the senses they want to write.

5 Senses of Pizza I see____________________

I hear___________________

I smell__________________

I taste_________________

I feel___________________