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ROMANCE OF THE PINK PANTHER by Peter Sellers and Jim Moloney Gstaad and Geneva duly 16, 1980 A United Artists Release starring Peter Sellers Directed by Clive Donner FULL - SITTING ROOM We SEE that her breakfast has been set up on a small table in front -of ‘the double French doors and overlooking the city. FULL YO ¥O, ayvery cute and pixieish Japanese maid, enters carrying a tray. YO YO Good morning, Comtesse. ANASTASIA Good morning, Yo Yo. Anastasia picks up a large scrapbook from her ornate desk and crosses to the breakfast table and sits. Yo Yo serves her, pouring coffee. ANOTHER ANGLE - INCLUDING SCRAPBOOK Anastasia takes a sip of her coffee and slowly begins flipping through the book. We SEE that it is entirely devoted to Jacques Clouseau. She stops on an 8 x 10 GLOSSY of Clouseau, wherein he is being decorated by the President of France. She removes the photograph from the scrapbook. FRONT CREDITS COMMENCE (TO BE DESIGNED BY RICHARD WILLIAMS) PETER SELLERS IN ROMANCE OF THE PINK PANTHER END FRONT CREDITS. EXT. FULL - PARIS STREET - DAY CAMERA PANS to a sign which reads: AUGUSTE BALLS. ..DISGUISES EXTRAORDINAIRES. INT. AUGUSTE BALLS' EMPORIUM AUGUSTE BALLS and his hunchback assistant, CUNNY, are standing in front of a large, ornate, Louis XIV chair. Balls appears to be talking to the chair. BALLS Believe me, Chief Inspector, in this, my unigue Louis XIV chair disguise you can be sat upon without fear of @etection anywhere in the world, especially in France. You will hear and feel everything. ANOTHER ANGLE - FAVORING CHAIR CLOUSEAU'S FACE is seen peering through some filigree on the back of. the chair. CLOUSEAU (his voice muffled) £ Excellent, Auguste. Just to be sure, let me test it. Sit on me and pretend to be having a devious conversation with Cunny. Balls sits on the chair and the chair begins to move awkwardly across the shop with Cunny at its side. They speak in a stage whisper. BALLS I have heard that the Duchess de Musset will be wearing her jewels tonight. conny Shhh. I have the feeling that someone is listening. BALLS You stupid fool! How can anyone be listening, there 1s no one here except ourselves and this chair. . cUNNY Of course, of course, and what & beautiful chair it is, so antique. CLOUSEAU'S VOICE I must have it! It's hell in here, © but nevertheless, I must have it. How do I release myself? : BALLS Pull the small, luminously painted lever on your right...and then simply Push yourself out backward. ANOTHER ANGLE - BACK OF CHAIR It opens and Clouscau falls out. He is sweating profusely, his clothes are slightly torn, and his hair is sticking out wildly on his head. He stands, obviously with some pain, in front of Balls. FULL CLOUSEAU Congratulations, August. You have :