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jad andbook for Small Business By SCORE Chapter 225 Hyannis, Mass. Series Building America’s: Future a) ‘Copyright © 1989 by SCORE Chapter 225, Hyannis, Massachuaots. All rights reerved. This publication is protected under copyright. [No part may be reproduced, transmitted or irarscribed without Che permission ofthe auhor, SBA teisins an ievoenble, worldwide, ‘mocenclusive, cayalty Gee. untiited Hoonso to use this copyrighted material ‘While we consider the concens ofthis publication to be of general meni, its sponsorship by the U.S, Small Business Admiistation ddoos not aesevsarly constitute an eraoesement ofthe views and opinions of the authort or the products and services of the companies ‘with which they are affiliated All of SBA's programs and services are extended to the publte on a nondiscriminatory basts. CONTENTS PREFACE oo... ccc ccesecseeeeetees INTRODUCTION .... . STARTING A BUSINESS ... NAMING A BUSINESS . LEGAL STRUCTURE OF A BUSINESS. Soe Propitreip- Partnership. Corporation «. “Subchapter $ Corporations LICENSES AND PERMITS. MANAGING A BUSINESS Management by Objectives Keeping Records . aviewing Records ‘Taking Action Getting Help . Essential Management Practices FINANCING A BUSINESS: Sources of Funding The Lean Proposal ‘THE BUSINESS PLAN RECORD KEEPING .... PRICING SERVICES PROFITABLY Typesof Costs .. Calling the Gostota Sentce PRICING PRODUCTS PROFITABLY ‘Typesof Costs... - Broak Even Analysis ADVERTISING Reasons tor Advertsing Chjectves of Advertsing Adverising Media. Help in Advertising MARKETING Matating Bove Opening... Marketing for an Existing Business .. US. Smal! Business Administration i