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Liber Luna Sanguinus "In Bloodstained Mist, the Lunar Sphere morphed into a vision of That which shall

be. The Hun er aroused b! the moon at full boiled in the blood of men, awa"enin the innermost Beast all were free" By Scorpius January 1999 B.E. Preface: This is where I as the authort and creator of these scriptures has ta!en the "iberty to e#press $y o%era"" phi"osophies %iews and thoughts I fe"t are i$portant concerning the fo""owing scriptures. If author notes and co$$ents bore you fee" free to s!ip ahead. &owe%er this $ay be of interest to those who wish to ta!e $ore than the casua" "oo! and interest into the sub'ects contained within these writings. I a$ by no $eans an e#perienced author or possessing the degrees and scho"astic !no"edge one co$$on"y has to be an ac!now"edged author ($y gra$$ar punctuation and run on sentences is cheap e%idence of this)* &owe%er these writings are about infor$ation instruction and +IS,-. a word I wi"" gi%e $y definition for in 'ust a few $o$ents. Just a few notes ago I read writing on Sigi" .agic! by an author who started by saying /E%o"ution is not ny 0ati%e "anguage so p"ease forgi%e $y gra$$atica" errors1. Though this persons Eng"ish was better than a "ot of peop"e who possess the "anguage as their nati%e tongue it was sti"" not e2ui%a"ent to an e#perienced author and had it3s share of errors. The i$portant factor is I "earned fro$ this indi%idua"3s writings and his points were e#pressed successfu""y. This is $y goa" with these writings despite $y s!i""s (or "ac! of* for presenting this $ateria" in a unifor$ $anner. 0ow I sha"" co%er the words or concept of +IS,-.. +isdo$ is not !now"edge it is not power and it is not e#perience but it is a "etha" co$bination of these three traits. 4nyone can read and "earn so$ething there is sti"" "ac! of !now"edge. 5ou cannot !now so$ething without e#periencing it "i!ewise you can3t e#perience so$ething without !nowing about it and say that you !now e%erything about it because of your e#perience. It is "i!e so$eone reading out of a boo! an e#a$p"e of an -BE (-ut of Body E#perience* fro$ reading descripti%e detai"s one can !now what it is "i!e and picture the sensations. &owe%er unti" you e#perience an -BE you ha%e no wisdo$ of the sensation. So the e2uation is: 60-+LE,7E 8 E9PE:IE0;E < +IS,-.. This is the u"ti$ate definition of the word =+IS,-.3. &ow do you !now so$ething e#ists> 4 si$p"e 2uestion but this recie%es on the a%erage an incorrect answer. The correct answer is not =faith3. It is not =!now"edge3 and it is not =be"ief3. 4"" these answers an e#cuse not an answer that so"%es the 2uestion. The on"y correct answer is: =If you can e#perience so$ething th(e*n it e#ists. This $ay not sound re"e%ant to anything i$portant right now but I urge you to read on and then co$e bac! to this ?uestion and 4nswer I ha%e presented. This ties in with the rea"$ of drea$s and you wi"" co$e to "earn with dedication de%otion and strife that a drea$ is $uch $uch $ore than it is co$$on"y gi%en credit for@ to say the "east) I sha"" atte$pt to brea! e%erything down in these writings to a tangib"e and sufficient $ans of "earning study and ad%ance$ent. ;onsider this a sort og 7ri$oire that has been handed down to the pub"ic notes (are* ta!en fro$ $y own boo! of shadows and studies and I a$ presenting conc"usions fro$ $y own e#peri$ents resu"ts and opinionated hypothesis. I $yse"f con3t care for others opinions and I wi"" assu$e you readers are the sa$e. I a$ not here to te"" you what to do what to be"ie%e and what is ="aw3 that is not $y wish but if that is what you search for there are p"enty of organisations authors and groups out there that I

a$ 2uite sure wou"d be $uch $ore suitab"e for you than what you wi"" find here. I "ea%e an in%itation to $a!e out of this what you wi"" 2uestion e%erything and $ost i$portant re$e$ber this usefu" e2uations of wisdo$ that I ha%e abo%e $entioned (which I a"so in%ite you to 2uestion for your own assurance)*. 4nyone who $ust fo""ow one set of doctrines ru"es "aws re"igions conc"usions etc. This is $ost "i!e"y not the writing you wi"" be interested in. 0ow that I ha%e ra$b"ed on "ong enough (perhaps $ore* I wi"" get to the intentions and points of this boo!. I do esti$ate I wi"" recei%e a "arge array of responses to these writings and I "oo! forward to a"" of the$ the hatred and the "o%e. for I wi"" not c"ose $y eyes in preA'udge$ent and I ha%e "earned not to c"ose the doors of $y $ind to any possibi"ities of "earning which is u"ti$ate"y for $y own desires and $yse"f. I now present to the first chapters of $any to fo""ow of LIBE: LB04 S407BI0BS. Liber ;rash ;ourse: To begin any of the e#periences rites or $ethods instructed in this boo! I wi"" start with the $ost i$portant (and perhaps the $ost tedious* part: ,rea$ing. To be ab"e to wor! out drea$ing you first $ust begin to re$e$ber drea$ing a prob"e$ the $a'ority of society and do$estication face. E%eryone drea$s se%era" ti$es each ti$e they fa"" into the spe"" of s"eep. The prob"e$ is re$e$bering. &ow $any drea$s do you re$e$ber e%ery $orning when you awa!en fro$ you co$a "i!e s"u$ber> The answer wi"" %ary. &owe%er chances are you to not re$e$ber e%en ha"f (if any* of the drea$s you ha%e each ti$e you fa"" as"eep. This is the first step to e#p"oring the wor"d of drea$s and the first gate you $ust pass to rea"ise the difference between drea$ing and wa!ing fantasy and rea"ity. +hether you re$e$ber your drea$ or not. This ne#t step is %ery necessary if you wish any resu"ts fro$ this boo!3s instructions. :esu"ts $ay be achie%ed by ignoring this step but your resu"ts wi"" be =ha"fAassed3 and you wi"" be sett"ing for second best. 0ot a good way to wor! when focusing on your se"f. Boo! of ,rea$ing This $ethod is wide"y used referred to as a spe"" boo! drea$ 'ourna" drea$ diary etc. etc. C It is 2uite si$p"e (and* ta!es "itt"e effort other than a few $o$ents of your ti$e after wa!ing. To begin find so$ething to write in anything wi"" suffice fro$ so$e scratching paper to an e#2uisite b"ac! paged boo! for you to fi"" the pages of. So$ething that you can !eep organiDed and we"" preser%ed is the $ost i$portant factor. Bse this boo! and !eep care of it. Starting fro$ the day you $a!e this boo! before fa""ing as"eep write down the infor$ation of your conditions you are going to s"eep in. start with the date and the ti$e and basic infor$ation. 5ou can !eep this si$p"e or $a!e it as co$p"e# and detai"ed as you wish going as far as to record the phases of the $oon p"anetary positions your diet and $ind fra$e how $uch s"eep you had the night before where you are s"eeping and who you are s"eeping with etc. C i$portant thing is to record what you fee" is i$portant and inf"uentia" of your drea$sEs"eep. +hen you wa!e up ta!e a few $o$ents to re$ain $otion"ess do not $o%e fro$ the position you wa!e in and do not begin to thin! about you day that is ahead of you. si$p"y "et your thoughs focus on your drea$s and see what you can re$e$ber after ta!ing a brief a$ount of ti$e for this write down what you ha%e been ab"e to reca"" in your boo! concerning your drea$s. If you re$e$ber on"y for e#a$p"e =being in a white roo$3 write this down and describe a"" (if any* e$otions you reca"" ha%ing in the drea$

fee"ings to the at$osphere etc. describe the scenario of your drea$ as detai"ed as possib"e. If you do not re$e$ber any drea$s what so e%er. +rite this down (after you ha%e tried at "east for F fu"" $inutes to re$e$ber you drea$s)*. howe%er it is best to a%oid writing so$ething "i!e =I don3t re$e$ber shit3))) Instead if you reca"" nothing if anything write down the state of $ind you wa!e up in and the state of $ind you fe"" as"eep in and ta!e note of your degree of s"eep (i.e =Tonight I s"ept %ery deep"y not e%en a third wor"d war cou"d ha%e wo!en $e.3* if you ha%e no reco""ection of your drea$s whatsoe%er be persistent. If you are doing this correct"y and $aintain effort within a $a#i$u$ of appro#i$ate"y a wee! and a ha"f you wi"" ha%e success. 4"so if you fo""ow the procedures and $ethods I a$ going to reco$$end further in these writings on top of your boo! of drea$s you wi"" find your ti$e to "earn success in re$e$bering your drea$s to be great"y reduced. The $ain !ey for success in drea$s reca"" through the $ethods of a boo! of drea$s is persistence. E%en after you are ab"e to reca"" your drea$s without effort it is i$portant you do not stop or s"ac! off on recording your drea$s e%ery day within your boo!. If so$ething prohibits you fro$ writing in your boo! in the $orning when you wa!e do not stop si$p"y ta!e the first opportunity you ha%e to write e%en a brief su$$ary of your drea$ e%en if this is the ne#t e%ening after it is i$portant to ta!e this action. This is not on"y i$portant for $aintaining the abi"ity to reca"" your drea$s but it is a"so e#tre$e"y i$portant to ha%e success within the ritua"s $ethods and e#ercises that I wi"" (be* presenting in these writings. .ind ;ontro": 0ow that you !now how to start re$e$bering what happens in your $ind it is ti$e to ta!e the first step which e#ists on a see$ing"y end"ess winding staircase to begin gaining contro" o%er the actions of your own $ind. There is a conditioning the $a'ority of peop"e today ha%e been sub'ected to !nown as =,o$estication3 C In $any ways this see$s "i!e a good thing and in $any ways it is physica""y. &owe%er in $any ways .enta""y and Spiritua""y it has destroyed $any 2ua"ities once possessed by (+o*.an. +hat I a$ ta"!ing about I ha%e seen discussed and e#p"ained by a %ariety of other authors. The $ost suitab"e and tangib"e e#p"anation I ha%e co$e across is the words of Peter ;aro"" in his boo! =Liber 0u"" G the Psychonaut3 where he has a chapter ca""ed the Psychic ;ensor. &e refers to this do$estication (+o*.an has been %icti$ of as a =Psychic ;ensor3 in our $inds. If you ha%e read any boo!s on .agic! whether it Boo! of +icca to 7oetia ,e$ono"ogy $ost "i!e"y you ha%e heard authors and .agicia!ians ta"! of how $uch $ore =open3 and sensiti%e chi"dren are to energy and seeing things paranor$a" that $ost adu"ts don3t. based on stidues this can essentia""y be considered fact. ;hi"dren possess so$ething we don3t. Bnfortunate"y they "i!e us "ose this =so$ething3 as they age and beco$e $ore and $ore sub'ected to the teachings ways and brainwashing of society. They "earn what they are taught and the ones who e#ce" "earn to 2uestion what they are taught. The $ind is $uch $ore powerfu" than credit is gi%en it $ay be conditioned to a""ow you to see things that are not there and a""ow you to be b"ind to things right in front of your face. This part of the $ind that Subconscious"y contro"s the ;onscious is what is censoring how you percei%e things and what you percei%e. 4 concrete and good e#a$p"e of this is drea$s. E%eryone drea$s this is fact bac!ed with scientific e%idence. &owe%er in nor$a" society what is a drea$>> It is for $a'ority discarded as babb"ing of your $ind that $ean and represent nonsense. Because of

this co""ecti%e $enta"ity the $a'ority of society possesses $any of us ha%e been conditioned to not e%en re$e$ber our drea$s. +e ha%e been progra$$ed to discard the$ as uni$portant fantasies to such a subconscious "e%e" that we go to the e#tent of not e%en ac!now"edging their e#istence) Though it has ta!en years of agony for us to de%e"op this wa"" within our own $ind the wa"" $ay be bro!en with the correct forces of one3s own desire and wi""power. This is a first step of the $onotonous staircase within your $ind that reaches you to se"fAcontro" o%er your own $ind) I$portance of a ,rea$: There is $uch to be co%ered on this sub'ect howe%er I wi"" sa%e $uch of this for "ater on first I fe"" it is necessary to brief"y e#p"ain the possibi"ities of the $eaning of a drea$. .a!e the conc"usions you wish howe%er here are so$e of the $ost reasonab"e paths I a$ aware of. I a$ not saying a"" or any of these are correct what I be"ie%e shou"d ha%e no re"e%ance to your e#peri$ents or be"iefs. Hor now 'ust consider these e#a$p"es as food for thought. I a$ on"y "isting a brief a$ount of the infinite theories but with the too"s of s!epticis$ e#perience !now"edge and wisdo$ I ha%e atte$pted to narrow things down to point(s* that can be su$$ariDed. +hat does a drea$ $ean> I ha%e not the answer to this 2uestion on"y theories which I ha%e chosen that I a$ assu$ing wou"d be at "east so$ewhat agreeab"e with $any of the peop"e who wou"d read this boo!. 4n -ccu"tic to an 4theistic %iewpoint is being considered. 4 drea$ $ay be $any things so$e wou"d consider it a $essage fro$ the gods others a $essage fro$ your $ind. So$e wou"d go a"ong with the idea that it $eans nothing at a"" and an utter nonsense the $ind spits forth within one3s s"u$ber. +hate%er your %iew $ay be I wi"" atte$pt to e#p"ain why these readings shou"d sti"" be of interest. Starting with the $ost s!eptica" and c"oseA$inded %iew I can thin! of which is to say that drea$s $ean nothing and are on"y nonsense. If this is the case andEor your %iew it shou"d be considered that your drea$s sti"" can at "east a""ow you to do anything and e%erything. ;onsider this a"" fantasy if you wish howe%er if the interest of $a!ing your "ife $ore E#citing through $a!ing your drea$s a bit $ore %i%id at the "east using the$ for a p"ayground to act out whate%er you wish I wou"d suggest you read on and e#peri$ent with the gi%en procedures. 0ot on"y wi"" you acco$p"ish the art of being ab"e to contro" your drea$s you $ight a"so start to see things different"y. C 0ow those who see drea$s on a $uch $ore spiritua" "e%e" I fee" there is "itt"e need to e#p"ain the i$portance of a drea$ howe%er it is ob%ious"y of so$ething different than se"f a$use$ent. The instructions and $ethods I wi"" be presenting wi"" open the gates of the astra" and to your subconscious. Those of you interested in the psycho"ogica" aspects of drea$ing we"" I thin! once you read on and "isten to the e#p"anations of the ritua"s presented you wi"" see $uch $ore than $etaphysics and and $agic!. The $ain point is for those of you that fee" drea$ing is on"y a waste of ti$e then there is not $uch roo$ for con%incing howe%er you shou"d rea"iDing that you are denying aspects of your own $ind and thoughts with this way of be"ief. If you rea"iDe this and sti"" wish to ignore what your drea$s do or possib"y $ean and ha%e power of that is your wi"" and as "ong as your doors are c"osed there is no $eans of se"fA i$pro%e$ent. ,rea$s ho"d the !ey to the gate of $any powers the si$p"est of these powers and $ost tangib"e wou"d be to !now your own $ind)

,rea$ Stages: Science has found ways to ana"yDe dissect and print the b"ue prints of drea$ing. The scientific and $etaphysica" e#tre$ities concerning %iews and be"iefs on drea$ing ha%e their e#tre$es a"" right howe%er the para""e"s that are present are $ost fascinating. Basica""y the s"eeper goes into drea$s once they reach :.E.. (:apid Eye .o%e$ent* s"eep. Se%era" phases of :E. s"eep occur in one night3s s"u$ber the $ost intense being appro#i$ate"y an hour before wa!ing ti$e and this is when you e#perience the drea$s that you $ost co$$on"y reca"". +e wi"" "ater go $ore into :E. s"eep in greater detai" but for now I wi"" be co%ering a su$$ariDed out"ine of other phases of s"eep that are of interest to the drea$er. The first state of s"eep and drea$ing is ca""ed the &5P047-7I; ST4TE which is pertaining to the period of drowsiness between wa!efu"ness and s"eep. This is when you are ha"f way across the %ei" of s"eep in scientific ter$s and ha"fway across the %ei" of the abyss in occu"tic ter$s. It is a %ery interesting state to e#perience and obser%e and I ha%e yet to $eet any person that has not se$iAconscious"y e#perienced this state. &ere is a scenario I thin! the $a'ority of peop"e ha%e e#perienced. 5ou are fa""ing as"eep as soon as you "ea%e your consciousness behind you are 'o"ted awa!e by the sensation of fa""ing find yourse"f "ying e#act"y where you fee" as"eep. This is one of the $any for$s of a &ypnagogic ha""ucination. These ha""ucinations are co$$on in the state of preAs"eep and %ary fro$ the fa""ing sensation to auditory ha""ucinations co$$on"y of the ha%ing your na$e ca""ed out to %isua" ha""ucinations so$eti$es faces so$eti$es geo$etric shapes so$eti$es the start"ing %ision of seeing a figure standing o%er you. 4 si$i"ar type of sensation(s* a"so occurs when you are wa!ing up this is referred to as the &5P0-P-.PI; ST4TE where the s"eeperEdrea$er is 'ust crossing the %ei" into wa!efu"ness. The resu"t of this state are a bit different $ore s"uggish howe%er there are e#ceptions such as one wou"d wa!e up for a drea$ or $ore "i!e"y a night$are and start screa$ing unti" they ha%e the few seconds to rea"ist that is was =a"" 'ust a drea$3. 4nother co$$on e#a$p"e of this &ynopo$pic state wou"d be those who wa!e to an a"ar$ c"oc!. Bsua""y in the $orning hours 'ust before wa!ing you are in the $idd"e of a drea$ it is co$$on to ha%e a drea$ and hear the a"ar$ c"oc! in your drea$ and s"uggish"y awa!en to rea"iDe it has been going off in your bedroo$ for the "ast F $inutes) These two states of inAbetween s"eep and wa!efu"ness are %ery interesting when ta!ing an e#a$ination through a scientific out"oo! as we"" as a $etaphysica" or paranor$a" out"oo!. The "ast stage of drea$ing I wish to discuss in this section is that of LB;I, ,:E4.I07. ;hances are e%eryone has e#perienced a "ucid drea$ but $any if not $ost peop"e do not reca"" these drea$s. LB;I, ,:E4.I07 is when you are drea$ing and you rea"iDe it and gain consciousness. There are "e%e"s of Lucidity one can reach in a drea$ starting fro$ si$p"y !nowing you are drea$ing but sti"" not being ab"e to sha!e that $onster that is chasing you to the e#tent of !nowing you are drea$ing and being ab"e contro" e%erything in your en%iron$ent and being ab"e to do anything you wish. Lucidity is nor$a""y e#perienced after you start a nor$a" drea$. ;o$$on"y so$ething you see in the drea$ or do wi"" trigger in your $ind that you are drea$ing and that is where it a"" beings. .any accounts reported are si$i"ar. &ere is an e#a$p"e of one that one "ucid drea$er reported within scientific e#peri$ents. =I drea$t I was wa"!ing down a street to $y house I noticed that the houses had a"" changed on $y street at that point I rea"iDed I was 'ust drea$ing and decided I wou"d f"y ho$e instead of wa"!ing and fro$ there began f"ying the sensation was so %i%id and "ifeA"i!e I was not e#act"y con%inced I was not drea$ing and began to fear that

I wou"d fa"" fro$ $y f"ight. I was %ery e#cited by the sensation and short"y after I wo!e up3 This is a %ery co$$on and a%erage scenario of a "ucid drea$ it is a"so co$$on to awa!en out of the drea$ or si$p"y "ose "ucidity short"y after going "ucid this is $ost "i!e"y fro$ e#cite$ent. +ords a"one cannot e#p"ain the sensation of being "ucid and I ha%e found no fee"ing that $atches it in intensity. C .y studies within drea$ing and "ucid drea$ing were dri%en by a =thirst3 after I e#perienced $y first "ucid drea$ that I was ab"e to re$e$ber after wa!ing. 4fter that taste of abso"ute power freedo$ power and contro" I was deter$ined to $aster this are and ha%e "earned $any techni2ues to $a!e this possib"e $ost of which I wi"" be presenting here. Le%e"s of Lucidity:

4s I brief"y $ention(ed* here (and* there in the pre%ious section. Lucidy within drea$s is e#perienced on different "e%e"s. The "owest being that you si$p"y rea"ise you are drea$ing but re$ain without any power of contro" of your drea$ so$eti$es not e%en the abi"ity to wa!e up at wi"") Then there is when you can contro" what you do in your drea$ whether it is to f"y breathe under water or si$p"y $urder e%eryone you see) This success you ha%e with what you wish to do tends to f"uctuate for e#a$p"e I reca"" a "ucid drea$ I had where I was ab"e to f"y at wish howe%er instead of f"ying through the air gracefu""y I was $o%ing with "itt"e contro" of $y a"titude and not $uch $ore contro" of $y direction. I fe"t "i!e a he"iu$ ba""oon aw the $ercy of the winds. Then there is the u"ti$ate stages of Lucidity where you can contro" e%erything you wish you can shapeAshift into any ani$a" or beast you desire change your surroundings and at$osphere to whate%er you wish the possibi"ities are end"ess. These are 'ust I basic "e%e"s I ha%e described of Lucid ,rea$ing. There are of course count"ess "e%e"s of "ucidity that can be e#perienced in between a"" of these states. Basica""y in a "ucid drea$ there are rough"y three factors that deter$ine the type of "ucid drea$: 1) The :ea"isation: being aware that you are drea$ing.

2) The ;onfir$ation: the art of estab"ishing the truth. 3) The ;ontro": ha%ing power of your actions and drea$.

+ith a"" of the abo%e three aspects co$bined you can e#perience a fu"" b"own Lucid ,rea$ing which I assure you you wi"" find nothing to e2ua" this sensation. The first step :ea"isation is perhaps the hardest since it is the starting point you $ust reach to begin you path to ;onfir$ation and ;ontro". This re2uires deter$ination and persistence the ne#t section wi"" begin with $ethods for gaining this first step and entering the gates of "ucidity. ,o !eep in $ind howe%er Lucidity is a $a'or force in this boo! but it is not the u"ti$ate. -nce "ucidity is obtained and you are on the path of $astering this art you wi"" now be on the path to so$ething far beyond what is nor$a""y considered =drea$ing3. .ethods of Inducing Lucidity: These first two $ethods I wi"" present are ta!en fro$ ,r. Stephen Laberge (author of

LB;I, ,:E4.I07* and are $ethods he de%e"oped in his studies of Lucid ,rea$ing. I ha%e used these $ethods and continue to do so to this day as they ha%e pro%en to be %ery effecti%e. Hirst the .I0, $ethod (.ne$onic Induction of Lucid ,rea$ing* and second the +IL, $ethod (+a!ing Induction of Lucid ,rea$ing*. .ind Techni2ue (fro$ Lucid ,rea$ing H4?* .ne$onic Induction of Lucid ,rea$s ,e%e"oped by Laberge and used by hi$ to induce "ucid drea$s at wi"" during his Ph., study .I0, is practiced during the night. 1. Setup ,rea$ :eca"" Set your $ind to awa!en fro$ drea$s and reca"" the$. +hen you awa!en fro$ a drea$ reca"" it as co$p"ete"y as you can. 2. Hocus 5our Intent +hi"e retuning to s"eep concentrate sing"eA$inded"y on your intention to re$e$ber to recogniDe that you3re drea$ing. Te"" yourse"f: =ne#t ti$e I3$ drea$ing I want to re$e$ber I3$ drea$ing.3 Try to fee" that you rea""y $ean it. Hocus your thoughts on this idea a"one. If you find yourse"f thin!ing about anything e"se "et it go and bring your $ind bac! to your intention to re$e$ber. 3. See 5ourse"f Beco$ing Lucid 4t the sa$e ti$e i$agine that you are bac! in the drea$ you 'ust wo!e fro$ (or another one you ha%e had recent"y if you didn3t re$e$ber a drea$ or awa!ening* but this ti$e recognise that it is a drea$. Loo! for a drea$AsignAAAso$ething in the drea$ that de$onstrates p"ain"y that is a drea$. +hen you see it say to yourse"f: =I3$ drea$ing)3 and continue your fantasy. I$agine yourse"f carrying out your p"ans for your ne#t "ucid drea$. Hor e#a$p"e if you want to f"y in your "ucid drea$ i$agine yourse"f f"ying when you co$e to the point in your fantasy that you =rea"ise3 you are drea$ing. 4. :epeat Bnti" 5our Intention is Set :epeat steps J and I unti" your intention is setK then "et yourse"f fa"" as"eep. If whi"e fa""ing as"eep you find yourse"f thin!ing of anything e"se repeat the procedure so that the "ast thing in your $ind before fa""ing as"eep is your intention to re$e$ber the to recognise the ne#t ti$e you are drea$ing. ;opyright: The Lucidity Institute (Ha2<Lucidity.co$* .I0, Techni2ue (+a!e Induction of Lucid ,rea$ing* 1 C Perfor$ the abo%e $ethods for .I0,. J C Before fa""ing as"eep arrange to be wo!en up 1 hour before your nor$a" wa!ing ti$e. If you $ust use an a"ar$ c"oc! but it is best to find an a"ternati%e $ethod such as ha%ing so$eone wa!e you. C an a"ar$ c"oc! tends to distract you and $a!es you "ose the position you wa!e up in when you turn it off. I C 4fter wa!ing up concentrate on reca""ing your drea$s. Spend about an hour (or "onger* awa!e. ,- not fa"" bac! as"eep yet. It is best to read about astra" pro'ection drea$ing andEor -BE3s (-ut of Body E#periences* to he"p focus your $ind. 4%oid drin!ing caffiene or highAenergy foods. 4fter an hour of wa!efu"ness fa"" bac! as"eep for another hour with the intent of ha%ing a "ucid drea$. This $ethod is high"y reco$$ended and tends to be

%ery successfu". 4"ong with these $ethods it is a"so e#tre$e"y he"pfu" to ta!e about L to 1 $i""igra$ of .e"atonin before going to s"eep. This see$s to be he"pfu" with a"" stages of drea$ wor!ing. Stages of S"eep: 0ow we sha"" ta!e a further "oo! into the stages that occur within s"eep. Lucid ,rea$ing usua""y occurs within the stages of :.E.. s"eep. S"eep is characteriDed by a series of "e%e"s or stages that ha%e been obser%ed by physio"ogica" $eans. The stages are 1 J I M and :E.. C the first M stages are a"" c"assified as 0:E. (0onA:E.* s"eep. Stages IAM are both c"assified as =,e"ta3 s"eep and is when the brainwa%es produce "arge "ow fre2uency wa%es. ,uring :E. s"eep this is recognised through science by acti%e brain functions bursts of rapid eye $o%e$ent occasiona""y $usc"e twitches etc. if you obser%e a s"eeper in these states you wi"" see these signs. This is a"so with ani$a"s. :esearch has shown that the $ost %i%id states of drea$ing occur with the :E. stages. The drea$ "e%e"s wor! on a cyc"e through the night. 5ou first co$$ence :E. s"eep appro#i$ate"y 9N $inutes after fa""ing as"eep the duration of :E. can "ast fro$ FAJN $inutes. 4s the s"eep goes further the inter%a"s between :E. s"eep grow shorter $a!ing the "engthiest and $ost intense stages of :E. s"eep at the second ha"f of our s"u$ber and the(n* right before wa!ing. Bsing the $ethod of ca"cu"ating when you wi"" be in :E. s"eep by !nowing that this occurs rough"y e%ery 9N $inutes of your s"eep you can arrange to be wo!en up in the $idd"e of an :E. period and this wi"" resu"t in %i%id reca"" of your drea$. It is the first (of* your patterns of the s"eep cyc"e that tend to $a!e your drea$s foggy in re$e$brance. C :E. s"eep can "ast up to periods of one hour toward the fina" hours of your s"eep. It is a"so interesting to !now that $ost of the $usc"es and body undergoes para"ysis we"" :E. s"eep occurs to pre%ent us fro$ physica""y acting out in drea$s. &owe%er there are rare e#ceptions of this such as S"eepwa"!ing and the $ore biDarre S"eep ,run!eness which is where peop"e ha%e been !now to co$$it e#tre$e acts such as $urder whi"e under the spe"" of s"eep. 6nowing and understanding how the stages of s"eep wor! not on"y encourage your resu"ts of "ucid drea$ing but a"so $a!e ways for you to de%e"op your own $ethod and ways of inducing Lucidity to ?ua"ity drea$s. 4dditiona" .ethods: These are se%era" $ethods to induce "ucidity wi"" present a"" that I ha%e wor!ed with that ha%e pro%en to be worthwhi"e. I wou"d suggest you try a"" $ethods and se%era" co$binations unti" you find a suitab"e and co$fortab"e $ethod for yourse"f you $ight find that you need to a"ternate $ethods as we"" to $aintain your success. -f course the $ost i$portant step is drea$ reca"". This has a"ready been discussed at the beginning of this boo! without this e#pect no resu"ts. 4 "ucid drea$ wi"" not be $uch of an e#perience for you if you can3t e%en re$e$ber it) 0ow you $ust begin to start ac!now"edging when you are drea$ing and when you are awa!e. Perhaps this sounds si$p"e howe%er the tas! can pro%e to be $uch $ore difficu"t than i$agined. &ow often are you in a drea$ and don3t rea"ise you are drea$ing> ;hances are this is now (what* the $a'ority of your drea$s are.

0ow how often are you awa!e and thin! you are drea$ing>>> 5ou wou"d "i!e"y answer to this ?uestion =0e%er3. &owe%er how $any ti$es do you 2uestion yourse"f in wa!efu"ness and as! yourse"f if you are drea$ing>>> If you do not do this I(n* your wa!ing state of being I $ust assure you that it wi"" be %ery rare for you to do this in a drea$ and 2uestioning the drea$ is the !ey to beco$ing aware that you are drea$ing: "ucidity) So you $ust begin as!ing yourse"f throughout the day =a$ I drea$ing3 ta!e a few seconds to thin! and ponder on this 2uestion before you autoArep"y with the answer =0-3. thin! about how you wou"d as! yourse"f this 2uestion in a drea$ and how easi"y it wou"d be to answer incorrect"y. Loo! for signs that confir$ the rea"ity that is around you. a"so once you ha%e your boo! of drea$s in the wor!s you shou"d re%iwe your drea$s "oof for sy$bo"s or suggestions that see$ to reoccor or ha%e things in co$$on that wou"d not happen or be present in nor$a" wa!efu"ness. C the act of 2uestioning whether or not you are drea$ing sounds si$p"e. &owe%er I ha%e found to be persistent through a nor$a" day (that* this is not a $atter of wi"". I assure you that you wi"" find yourse"f forgetting during the $idd"e of your day and on"y re$e$bering right before and after s"eep to as! yourse"f this 2uestion. &ere are two =tric!s3: 1) Bse a wristwatch set an a"ar$ to go off e%ery hour and when you hear that a"ar$ stop and as! yourse"f if you are drea$ing. 2) If the a"ar$ watch is not an option draw a "arge "etter =93 on the bac! of your hand (for consciousness* and e%ery ti$e you see it stop and as! your se"f =a$ I drea$ing3. These $ethods that are abo%e $entioned not on"y he"p you distinguish when you are drea$ing and when you are awa!e but they a"so get you in the subconscious habit of perfor$ing this act throughout the day. 6eep this up for a few days. Soon enough you wi"" find yourse"f "oo!ing at your watch or hands in a drea$ and be ab"e to answer =yes3 to your 2uestion. 4"so for so$e reason "oo!ing at your hands in a drea$ see$s to be effecti%e for inducing Lucidity and rea"ising that you are drea$ing. I ha%e read different theories on this which a"" ha%e good points but they wi"" not be discussed here since it is not re"e%ant to this section. Pondering and recognising when you are and are not drea$ing is a $a'or !ey study when you are not drea$ing and i$agine what it wou"d be "i!e if you were drea$ing. 4"" this is $ethods of (se"f* $ind contro" and resu"ts in the progra$$ing of your subconscious not to $ention "ucid drea$ing. Lucidity 4chie%ed: -nce you ha%e had a "ucid drea$ there are se%era" things you wi"" notice. -ne being the $ost co$$on is wa!ing up short"y after beco$ing "ucid. This is a tru"y aggra%ating occurrence to those who put $uch wor! into their Lucidity. I be"ie%e it is a co$bination of e#cite$ent and fear of wa!ing that resu"ts to this. &owe%er there are $any $ethods I ha%e "earned and e#peri$ented with that can $a!e your "ucid drea$ "ast "onger than a brief $o$ent. -ne thing to rea"ise is %ery often when you find yourse"f awa!ening fro$ a "ucid drea$ you are sti"" drea$ing. This is a fa"se awa!ening and though at the ti$e wi"" see$ abso"ute"y rea" you wi"" "ater after awa!ening rea"ise it was a"" a drea$. Sounds confusing and when it occurs it is confusing howe%er there is a roo$ for understanding in this rea"$. &ere are the $ethods for pro"onging "ucid drea$ing that I ha%e found $ost usefu":

1 The TornadoA when your drea$ starts to fade the first thing you start to "ose is your
sense of %ision. +hen you see this beginning to occur i$agine yourse"f to be a tornado or whir"poo" and %isua"ise yourse"f spinning around. Oery co$$on"y you wi"" co$e into a co$p"ete"y different setting than what you were drea$ing howe%er your "ucidity wi"" re$ain and you do ha%e the possibi"ities of changing en%iron$ent or Twisting into yet another setting. C I noticed a co$$on e#perience I wou"d ha%e with this $ethod wou"d be that I wou"d ha%e $y eyes c"osed (drea$ eyes* and ha%e a fear of opening the$ and that it wou"d cause $e to awa!en. I thin! the reason behind this is that the state of "ucid drea$ing is so "ife "i!e to rea"ity I wou"d i$agine $y drea$eyes to be $y physica" eyes. +hen I wou"d get $yse"f to open $y eyes I wou"d either go bac! into the drea$ or $ore co$$on"y be in $y s"eeping cha$bers whi"e sti"" drea$ing. -ther resu"ts ha%e occurred in fa"se awa!ening. 2 Sense of Touch C 4nother usefu" $ethod when your "ucid drea$ begins to fade is to e#p"ore you sense of touch. Touch so$ething with your hands whether it is your face the ground anything with te#ture and focus on what you fee". This see$s to sitract the $ind in a way and !eep you occupied in your drea$ "ong enough to !eep it fro$ fading to wa!efu"ness. I C The ,eath Bed C This $ethod $ay be sued if you ha%e "ost "ucidity or if you ha%e wo!en up fro$ your drea$ ("ucid or not* C it is 2uite si$p"e. -nce you wa!e up re$ain $otion"ess !eep your eyes c"osed and "itera""y =p"ay dead3. 5ou wi"" find that you wi"" %ery 2uic!"y return into the "and of drea$ing co$$on"y to the sa$e drea$ you e#ited fro$. Bsing these $ethods a"ong with dedication and persistence you shou"d ha%e no reason not to be ab"e to induce within the art of Lucid ,rea$ing. Hro$ here you can begin your path to $astering this art. I wou"d reco$$end "oo!ing into organiDations such as the Lucidity Institute the .onroe Institute and other organiDations de%oted to the research of Lucid ,rea$ing if you fee" the need to study this in $ore depth. I doubt you wi"" find $uch $ore infor$ation that wi"" be usefu" to induce Lucidity that you ha%e not found here. 5ou wi"" be ab"e to find different accounts of peop"e3s "ucid drea$s studies and resu"ts and $ore interesting infor$ation. 4nother thing that $ay be of interest to "oo! into are "ucid drea$ induction $achines. I a$ ware of three or four co$panies which design these though I ha%e not used the$ they sound "i!e they wou"d be he"pfu". They are basica""y a set of gogg"es you wear whi"e you s"eep they are ab"e to detect when you are in :E. s"eep and send so$e sort of signa" to induce "ucidity. I !now these are rather cost"y. If you are $ere"y interested in ha%ing a "ucid drea$ then perhaps this is so$ething to "oo! into but if you wish to gain contro" o%er your own $ind there are no $echaniDed shortcuts. II LIBE: HLI7&T This second chapter is about 4stra" Pro'ection. 4stra" Pro'ection and Lucid ,rea$ing ha%e $any para""e"s. &owe%er one is considered .etaphysic and the other Scientific. The ideas of an astra" body is nothing new in society this idea has been !nown to e#ist since (+o*.an has been in e#istence. +hether you want to consider your astra" body your spirit

or a $ass of energy consisting of etheric currents is co$p"ete"y up to you. howe%er there fo""owing writings wi"" be treating and referring to your 4stra" Body as your in$ost se"f the force of entity which ani$ates your physica" body and where your $ind resides. The $ethods for astra" pro'ection are $any. I wi"" be co%ering a few of the$ that are a"" in %arying $anners but that I ha%e found to be the $ost successfu". 4 "arge %ariety of boo!s are pub"ished on this sub'ect $any of which I fee" are a waste of paper. This chapter is not to pro%e the rea"ity of astra" pro'ection or to say whether it is a state of dra$ing or an act of actua""y "ea%ing your body. That is so$ething you can distinugish for yourse"f. Just re$e$ber to $a!e a decision for this unti" you ha%e e#perienced the pheneo$enon wou"d not on"y be preA'udge$ent but spea!ing b"ind"y in ignorance without wisdo$ of the sub'ect. Li!e Lucid ,rea$ing 4stra" Pro'ection co$es with $uch wor! and patience e#cept for the handfu" of fortunate indi%idua"s that ha%e this happen with "itt"e or no effort at a"". 4ssu$ing you are not one of these =gifted3 indi%idua"s I sha"" proceed with the scriptures of Liber H"ight. ;hances are you ha%e e#perienced brief $o$ents of 4stra" Pro'ection without e%en rea"ising this. Hor e#a$p"e ha%e you e%er been $o%ing in a direction at a fast speed and 'o"ted to a sudden stop>> The sensation of your consciousness "ea%ing your physica" body s"ight"y occurs with this sensation. Though a $uch better e#a$p"e is when you are fa""ing as"eep to and 'o"ted awa!e with the sensation of fa""ing. The truth is you are fa""ing. E%ery ti$e you go into s"eep your astra" wanders. It is easiest to be ab"e to recognise and be conscious"y aware of this as your astra" body is between "ea%ing or entering your physica" body. So being that you achie%e astra" pro'ection e%ery night the hard part is staying conscious whi"e this occurs) This by no $eans is an easy tas!. I wi"" present se%era" techni2ues though which wi"" $a!e 2uite a worthy $ap for your 'ourney out of your body. -ne good techni2ue I ha%e recent"y disco%ered is to start getting better ac2uainted with the se"f of the 4byss the se"f of +a!ing and S"eep. To do this when you are "aying down re"a#ing ready to fa"" as"eep rest your e"bow ne#t to you on the bed and e#tend your hand and forear$ into the air. 4s soon as you begin to drift into s"eep your handEar$ wi"" fa"" and this wi"" wa!e you bac! up. This e#ercise is successfu" for !eeping your conscious a"ert. 4nother $ethod that has $ore or "ess the sa$e resu"ts is to fa"" as"eep on your bac! with a pi""ow resting on your chest. 4s soon as you fa"" as"eep you wi"" be awa!ened and with this $ethod you tend to awa!en 'ust as your astra" body begins to separate fro$ the physica". -bser%e and $a!e note of the sensation and occurances that ta!e p"ace they wi"" %ary but the $ore you "earn and e#perience the $ore sense it wi"" a"" begin to $a!e. The 4stra" 7ate: This is a $ethod I ha%e found through persona" e#perience. I a$ sure I a$ not the on"y one that uses this $ethod but I ha%e read about it nowhere and since it is (for $e* the easiest way to achie%e conscious astra" pro'ection I wi"" present this $ethod first before going through the $ore co$$on steps of re"a#ation $editation etc. C The on"y preAre2uisite for this $ethod is being ab"e to be successfu" with "ucid drea$ing. -nce you are "ucid your $ind tends to wor! and be dri%en in strange $atters so it $ay ta!e se%era" atte$pts to achie%e this or it cou"d occur within your first "ucid drea$ that occurs as it did with $e. It is co$$on once you go "ucid to carry out strange instincts one wou"d not nor$a""y choose

for first choice in wa!ing "ife considering that you can do %irtua""y anything once "ucid. In genera" the urges of se#ua" nature and f"ying see$ predo$inant within "ucid drea$s. This is understandab"e but when you actua""y thin! that you cou"d be doing anything you possib"y cou"d i$agine or wish it strats to see$ that $aybe f"ying and fornication wou"d not necessari"y be your first choice when wa!ing. I a$ assu$ing this urges that are un"eashed when you are once again using a part of your $ind that society has uried "ong ago. &owe%er ne#t ti$e you are "ucid "ea%e your body. It is 2uite easy being that you don3t ha%e to go through the tedious steps of getting into a trance. (since you are a"ready there)* I found that I si$p"y wi"" to "ea%e $y body and I was ab"e to achie%e astra" pro'ection. The sensation was intense enough being "ucid but it was increased incredib"y when I "eft $y body. C I ha%e had difficu"ty in so$e "ucid drea$s with si$p"y wi""ing to "ea%e $y body and found other techni2ues. The $ost he"pfu" is what I ca"" the Stargate $ethod. 4"" you need to do is "oo! up at the s!y. If you are inside go outside. If it is dayti$e "oo! anyway into the s!y unti" you see a star e#pect to see the star and it wi"" appear usua""y with $any others to fo""ow. Hocus on one star that see$s to be attracting your attention the $ost. 5ou wi"" then be ab"e to fee" a pu""ing sensation fro$ the star try to rise up towards the star. 4t first it $ay fee" "i!e a $i""ion rubber bands are ho"ding you to the ground and that you are . . , . . , , , . , . , , , , , , . , . . . . . 1) ( ) . 2)

. . . . . : . . . . , , . , . , . ... , , , , . . : ( ) . . . , . . . . ... , .

. , . , . , , . . . . , . ... ... . . , . . . ... , . , , . . , . . . . . , , , . . . . .

. . . ... . , . . , . . . . , . . , , . . . . 2 . , . ( ) , , , . . , . . . , , . ,

, . , , .... . , , . ... . . . . , , ... . . ( ) , , . , , ( ) . . . , . , . , , . , . , . . , . , . , . . , .

, . . , , , . , . , . . . , , . , . . . , . . , . , . . . ...

Hocus on one star that see$s to be attracting your attention the $ost. 5ou wi"" then be ab"e to fee" a pu""ing sensation fro$ the star try to rise up towards the star. 4t first it $ay fee" "i!e a $i""ion rubber bands are ho"ding you to the ground and that you are stretching bac! and forth. If this occurs re$ain focused you wi"" notice with each rebound fro$ this rubbed band effect you wi"" begin stretching farther and farther fro$ the ground unti" you are fina""y ascending towards the star. The sensation I e#perience I wi"" e#p"ain howe%er this wi"" $ost "i!e"y %ary fro$ person to person though $any if these sensations are si$i"ar or co$$on to others e#periences whi"e out of body. I first e#perience a pu"sing sensation it is "i!e a ringing that can be fe"t inside in wa%es of intensity the $ore into the astra" I s"ip the $ore intense the pu"sating beco$es so$eti$es the sensation see$s too intense "i!e so$ething is going to e#p"ode but once you ha%e bro!en free fro$ your body the sensation begins to go "ess noticeab"e. Bsua""y I start ascending towards the s!y a star I start ascending s"ow"y whi"e in a soft rotation as I increase a"titude I a"so increase speed and

rotation. Hro$ this point I usua""y ha%e the options of f"oating trough what sees "i!e a type pf %oid or going to a preconcei%ed destination. I ha%e arri%ed in preconcei%ed destinations genera""y in two different ways. 1* I wi"" ascend towards the star and the speed and spinning get so intense that the stars are seen as "i%es (such as the $o%ie Star +ars during a spaceAwarp* and a"" the sudden I "ose a"" senses for a brief second and begin gaining consciousness in the destination p"anned. J* I ascend towards the stars in the sa$e $anner and e#perience the sa$e b"ac!out sensation but then a$ ab"e to descend bac! to earth %ery 2uic!"y and find whiche%er destination I a$ "oo!ing for. -n the top of a"" these co$$on occurrences you $ay %ery we"" "i!e"y 'ust find yourse"f within your physica" body and si$p"y f"oat right out of once you yet used to the disorientation of being in your astra" body. I ha%e a"so had astra" pro'ection occur in this $anner where I 'ust arri%e in a destination that was not p"anned. I so$eti$es a$ fa$i"iar with the p"ace but $ore often ti$es the p"ace is foreign to $e. This see$s to happen "ess the $ore I e#peri$ent with astra" tra%e" but sti"" persistent"y occurs. T&E 4ST:4L SE0SES: -ne thing you can e#pect when first %enturing the astra" is a need to de%e"op your senses. 5our sense of %ision is what you wi"" perhaps notice first is "ac!ing. It wi"" $ost "i!e"y be fo""y or no %isibi"ity at a"". It is $uch "i!e the sensation of being as"eep for a "engthy period of ti$e in a dar! roo$ and ha%ing the "ights abrupt"y turn on and waiting for our eyes to ad'ust. 5ou wi"" fee" %ery aw!ward at first in your astra" body you wi"" be "i!e a chi"d "earning to wa"! ta"! and be coherent to what you e#perience. The on"y re$edy I !now of for this is e#perience persistence and ti$e to de%e"op your senses within the astra". E%entua""y you wi"" de%e"op your astra" body and "earn to use it. The senses of your astra" can be considered E.S.P. C you spea! through te"epathy you see through c"air%oyance you touch through te"e!inesis etc etc. C This wi"" $a!e $uch $ore sense once you achie%e conscious astra" pro'ection so I wi"" not spend the ti$e to e#p"ain this. T&E 6I07,-. -H S&4,-+S The fo""owing is a description of a p"ace I ha%e seen and e#perienced within (or perhaps beyond* the astra" rea"$s. I !now not of others who ha%e e#perienced this rea"$ but I !now of others who see$ to reside their. I be"ie%e these others are pure of astra" and without a physica" confine$ent. This rea"$ has inspired the "yrics for the ;ri$son .oon song which I penned tit"ed 6ingdo$ of Shadows C the "yrics are a%ai"ab"e in who"e to those who are interested howe%er since I tend to write in $etaphoric and hidden phrases I wi"" e#hu$e so$e of the buried $eaning of particu"ar chosen passages of this song. I wi"" first e#p"ain why I ha%e chosen to na$e this p"ace the 6ingdo$ of Shadows. 4 few years bac! when first getting hea%i"y into the study and practice of astra" pro'ection. I had an e#perience that was un"i!e any others. It started with the description I ha%e "i%ed of fee"ing of disorientation@ 4fter se"fAe#a$ination as to whether I was drea$ing or possib"y going insane. I e%entua""y ca$e to the conc"usion that I was in a high and focused state of consciousness and this was not a drea$ as you wou"d thin!. 4fter accepting I was e#periencing so$ething rea" and e%ident $y senses s"ow"y ca$e to $e. Hirst the perception of touches and sound

then the perception of s$e"" and taste and "ast the perception of sight. I fe"t a strong urge to rise a$ongst the stars once I thought about this I found $y essence f"oating upwards and being carried on towards the s!y. The $oon see$ed to be particu"ar"y ca""ing out to $e as I "aDed out into the count"ess and see$ing"y end"ess spheres. I fe"t what I wou"d describe as a gra%itationa" pu"" sensation and was approaching the $oon at a %ery intense speed which grew in intensity the c"osed I reached. I cou"d see e%erything crysta" c"ear it see$ed. I cou"d start $a!ing out the craters of the $oon e%en after I reached a certain point I cou"d see co"or within the $oon. 4 deep scar"et red g"ow@ ;ri$son to be precise@ This I found shoc!ing due to the fact that I ha%e had se%era" drea$s of seeing the $oon in the co"or of b"ood in the past. I once again chec!ed and $ade sure that I was not drea$ing. I was getting so near to the $oon that it was a"" I cou"d see I saw no space around the horiDons. I then went into a sp"it second b"ac!out and the b"ac! then for$ed a deep red sort of c"oud. I found $yse"f surrounded in a p"ace of utter si"ence sa%e for an eerie roar. The sound was the first thing that caught $y attention and before I cou"d c"ose"y obser%e the strange "andscape I found that I was focusing on this roar. The sound was deep inside $y head@ I a$ not one to c"ai$ I ha%e recei%ed te"epathic $essages but fro$ what I ha%e studied and fro$ $y assu$ptions I wou"d fee" it is safe to say I cou"d hear this %io"ent roar though te"epathic $eans. 4fter pondering on the roar for 2uite so$e ti$e I cou"d $a!e out that it was the sound of the sea wa%es crushing %io"ent"y on the shores and a chaotic fury of watery currents. I then started "oo!ing around. I was in a type of forest it was night ti$e fro$ what I cou"d te"" but the at$osphere had a shade of grey that $ade things $uch $ore %isib"e. I "oc!ed up through tress and cou"d see strange shapes $o%ing a"" around $e. The shapes see$ed to be gi%ing off energy and I was interpreting the$ as astra" spirits. They appeared "i!e the si"houette of shadows a$ongst a deep grey bac!ground. &ard to $a!e out in e#act for$ but c"ear"y %isib"e. I tried to focus on a sing"e one and when I wou"d I wou"d hear a whispering %oice in $y head though I was easi"y distracted fro$ shape to shape spirit to spirit and wou"d shift focus to a"ternating shadows. 4t ti$es I cou"d hear the sound of what see$ed "i!e a hundred independent %oices whispering at a e%en where nothing was c"ear"y understood and I cou"d not e%en decipher whether or not it was in Eng"ish or not. The nature of these spirits wandering about $ade $e a bit on edge. They see$ed a"$ost "ost but he way the were $o%ing around through the sa$e patterns $ade $e thin! otherwise. I decided to wander onwards in this strange rea"$. I saw what "oo!ed "i!e a c"earing out past the forest and I headed that way. I reached the edge of the woods to find a gigantic c"iff on "oo!ing a $ighty sea. The sea was crushing against the c"iffs furious"y. I was struc! with an e#tre$e"y strange fee"ing which I cannot begin to describe as I gaDed into the seas watery depths@ The best description I cou"d gi%e is that I saw so$ething $o%ing in the sea with radiant power beyond anything I cou"d begin to i$agine. The on"y thing I cou"d $a!e c"ear of the shapes are what see$ed and fe"t to be eyes red in stare and piercing in contact. The eyes see$ed to be %ery deep within the waters but the g"ow grew stronger as I sat entranced by the stare. The see$ed to be ascending towards the seas surface and with a ghast"y burst fro$ the sea what "oo!ed "i!e a tornado of water ca$e forth at an indescribab"e height. I fe"t the wind fro$ the force hit $e before the approaching waters and was then fi""ed with the sensation of f"oating through this "and. I was drifting a$ongst these shadows I was pre%ious"y obser%ing. The winds see$ed to carry $e in%o"untari"y. I cou"d fee" a strange current of energy through the wind "i!e it was a"i%e. I passi%e"y drifted thoughout this !ingdo$ e#periencing an ons"aught of e$otions. I see$ed to be fee"ing ecstasy pain en'oy$ent and depression e%ery e$otion i$aginab"e a"ong with

their opposites a"" si$u"taneous"y. It was "i!e a potent"y pure for$ of gnosis. I then see$ed to fade a way fro$ the setting and then was 'o"ted bac! into $y physica" she"" as if I had fa""en fro$ a great height onto $y bac!. C I sti"" at that point was 2uite sure that it was not a drea$ or a hynopo$pic ha""ucination do to the at$osphere not under constant change and do to the c"arity of $y perception. 4fter this e#perience I ha%e found the gate to this !ingdo$ on"y J other ti$es but try $any ti$es to return. 0ow I sha"" present the "yrica" references fro$ the song 6ingdo$ of Shadows and the $eanings at "east so$e of the$. I rise to 5esod (sphere of the $oon* for fro$ the b"ood I found "ife I ascend in to the g"orious $oon"ight. This is the beginning of the e#perience I fe"t a drawing to the $oon the $oon was the co"or of b"ood and I saw a "ife within this b"ood. I ascended towards its "ight and found this for$ of "ife. Into the woods of bewitch$ent the whispering winds carry sou"s of the dead. This is when I first found $yse"f a$idst the nocturna" forest. I found these shadows f"oating about $e and first thought they were perhaps spirits in the dead a$ongst a sort of "i$bo and "ost. The whispers ca$e about $y ears "i!e wind. -nto the west shores of water I reach thy !ingdo$s edge to e$brace the co"d winds of the nocturne as I gaDe out into the abyss. The eye of Tia$at un"eashed its freeDing stare. This is when I reached the c"iffs of the furious sea the sea I ha%e interpreted as the 4psu or abyss and the presence within it Tia$at the dragon of pri$ordia" chaos. The red eyes I see sy$bo"ic as the eye of Tia$at her stare and breath brought $e to a pure gnosis %oid of nothing but containing e%erything@ chaos. Thy !ingdo$ is beauty thy !ingdo$ is pain in the chaotic b"iss of shadows. This is the referring si$p"y to the state I e#perienced of the co$bination of e$otions a"" at once. It was as if I was in agony but p"easure@ I$possib"e to e#p"ain with words howe%er it was a fee"ing of eternity. 4 fee"ing I fe"t I cou"d dwe"" within end"ess"y. The "yrics go on of course with $ore references particu"ar to this e#perience as we"" as other sy$bo"ic references to intertwine. I assu$e and hope you a"" read this e#perience with a hea"thy a$ount of s!epticis$. 5ou $ay be"ie%e what you want howe%er $y point in this section is to not on"y show what one of the $any e#periences possib"e is within the astra" but perhaps show and atte$pt to interpret a p"ace that others $ay find@ or be su$$oned. T&E ,4E.-0 I0 T&E .I::-: (Pact of awa!ening the spiritAse"f* This rite is to be perfor$ed away fro$ disturbances in a dar! p"ace preferab"y in the woods or a ca%e and a"ways in the dar! where the eyes do not recogniDe things as the eyes do nor$a""y. 4 few di$ cand"es incense and a $irror (preferab"y a b"ac! scrying $irror* are the essentia" too"s that wi"" be needed. .ercuria" currents are reco$$ended to inf"uence resu"ts. I C ;"eansing of .ind Spend as $uch ti$e needed to c"ear thoughts fro$ your $ind which wi"" !eep you unfocused. Ti$e spent in si"ence and so"itude away fro$ peop"e unti" the fi"th of do$estication can begin to be "ifted.

II C ;onstruct a ritua" circ"e outside the circ"e p"ace your scrying $irror and incense facing you. .ini$a" "ighting is re2uired a cand"e behind the $irror and behind you bac! wi"" suffice. The rest of the circ"e can be custo$iDed to fit your wor!ing en%iron$ent gi%en it is done rationa""y. III C 4wa!ening the super conscience. Hind a co$fortab"e position you can re$ain in for a "ong period of ti$e preferab"y a $editati%e position where breathing and circu"ation can wor! their best. +hi"e re$aining $otion"ess gage into the $irror of a cand"e f"a$e do not focus to sharp"y with your stare 'ust "et your eyes do what fee"s natura". 6eep a steady breathing $ethods for $ediation. Proceed gaDing unti" trance has been reached. 5ou wi"" !now when this is and if you are not we"" focused this $ay ta!e $uch ti$e and se%era" atte$pts. -nce this state is reached you shou"d begin to fee" your own energy currents. Learn the$ we"". 0ow you $ust rea"iDe that your eyes are on"y a physica" sense which see on"y ref"ections of "ight which your eyes send to the $ind to construct i$ages within the $inds eye. 4"" that your eyes are seeing is "ight and the "ight is touching your eyes. Therefore a"" you see you are touching Hro$ here "et your eyes see what they wish to see in the $irror. The %isions wi"" be i$p"anted deep"y in your $inds eye to be seen. Hro$ this point you $ust gaDe into your own ref"ection into you are "oo!ing into the ref"ections of your own pupi"s and can see the ref"ection of yourse"f within the ref"ection of yourse"f in the $irror. PPP Hro$ this point on your resu"ts shou"d be c"ear"y e%ident as to how you sha"" proceed and carry out this rite. 0o further instructions is re2uired sa%e for the proper c"osing of the rite.PPP The c"osing. 4fter you fee" what you ha%e acco$p"ished satisfactory you $ay carry on to further wor!ings or end the rite i$$ediate"y. 4"ways ending with a suitab"e for$ of banish$ent. There are count"ess banishing rites and un"ess you are wor!ing with a specific force or energy current a persona""y adapted rite of banishing shou"d suffice. Pay c"ose attention to your drea$s after perfor$ing this rite regard"ess of resu"ts. This ritua" is the path to the opening of the great eye. Learn it we"".