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Association between disk position and degenerative bone changes of the temporomandibular joints: an imaging study in subjects with

TMD. Corts D, Exss E, Marholz C, Millas R, Moncada G. Source Universidad de Chile, [corrected] Santiago, Chile. rratum in Cranio. 2 !! "ct#2$%&'()*+. S,lvester, Daniel Corts [corrected to Corts, Daniel]. Abstract -he ai. o/ this st0d, 1as to deter.ine the /re20enc, and relationshi3 4et1een dis5 3osition and degenerative 4one changes in thete.3oro.andi40lar 6oints %-M7', in s046ects 1ith internal derange.ent %8D'. MR8 and C- scans o/ !9 s046ects 1ith te.3oro.andi40lar disorders %-MD' 1ere st0died. Di//erent i.age 3ara.eters or characteristics 1ere o4served, s0ch as dis5 3osition, 6oint e//0sion, cond,le .ove.ent, degenerative 4one changes %/lattened, cortical erosions and irreg0larities', osteo3h,tes, s04chondral c,sts and idio3athic cond,le resor3tion. -he 3resent st0d, concl0ded that there is a signi/icant association 4et1een dis5 dis3lace.ent 1itho0t red0ction and degenerative 4one changes in 3atients 1ith -MD. -he st0d, also /o0nd a high 3ro4a4ilit, o/ degenerative 4one changes 1hen dis5 dis3lace.ent 1itho0t red0ction is 3resent. :o association 1as /o0nd 4et1een -MD and cond,le range o/ .otion, 6oint e//0sion and;or degenerative 4one changes. -he /ollo1ing 1ere the .ost /re20ent .or3hological changes o4served( /lattening o/ the anterior s0r/ace o/ the cond,le# /ollo1ed 4, erosions and irreg0larities o/ the 6oints0r/aces# /lattening o/ the artic0lar s0r/ace o/ the te.3oral e.inence, s04chondral c,sts, osteo3h,tes# and idio3athic cond,le resor3tion, in decreasing order.