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Special Smiles Dentistry, PC

Rochelle Betton-Ford LDR 609 October, 30, 2013

Mission/Vision Statements
We are committed to provide superior dental services to individuals Intellectually, Physical and Mentally ill challenges, with Compassion, Respect and Dignity.

Realize access to quality dental services for intellectually, physically and mentally ill challenged individuals in the state of Michigan, and advocate for access to adequate dental care nationwide.

Executive Summary
With assistance of a SBA loan, Special Smiles Dentistry, PC will establish a general dental practice in midtown, Detroit, Michigan specifically for the cognitive and physically impaired populations in Southeast Michigan.
Access to dental care remains a problem for this population. A holistic approach is recommended to treating these individuals, it is crucial that we include not only emergency care, also preventive and restorative care for these individuals.

Major Objectives
Objectives: Establish a general dental practice specifically for cognitive, physically and mentally ill individuals Providing general services regardless of the severity of the disability Increase the number of patients by 50% within 1 year Become a leader and mentor for other dental providers treating mentally/physically challenge persons, and to make dental services for our target population a specialty discipline in dentistry Exposed dental students to our target population: thereby fulfilling program requirements to provide care for special need patients.

Children's Hospital Detroit, Michigan Childrens Center Clinic Detroit, Michigan University Michigan Hospital Ann Arbor, Michigan

Strengths Completely handicapped accessible facility 40 hours of operation Same day availability for emergencies Provide preventive, and restorative procedures No age limitation Experienced staff with target population
Weakness Insufficient capital budget Medicaid continue coverage for adults 21 years and older Re-establish patient base Competitors financially secure

Strengths: Existing location Established patient base Established financial resources Weakness of competitors proves for opportunities and strengths for Special Smiles Dentistry, PC; Long waiting list for appointments Limited appointment days and hours Limited handicapped facilities Some restrictions to age and level of cognitive severity

Market Strategies
Network /Referral Teachers, Doctors, Nurses Workshops, Recreation facilities Counselors, Social Workers, Social Security, Court system Develop online website, AFC home, hospital Professional Associations, Word of mouth, and yellow pages

Team Players
All staff/ team members are full time Two Dentist Two Hygienist Three Assistants One Insurance Biller One Receptionist One Certified Medical Assistant/Insurance biller

We realize we cannot sustain our organization on Medicaid reimbursements alone, therefore we are reviewing possible incentives under the Affordable Care Act. We will participate with several insurance companies and plans are in the process to accept patients with cognitively and physically challenges in a capitation program. We understand the importance of CQI, and we will not become complacent, regardless how successful we are destined to become. The question will always remain; What can we do to make this better?

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