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SAP BusinessObjects License Compliance

Efficiently count all your deployed BO licenses.

Automated, quick and easy solution to count effectively your deployed licenses
Total named/simultaneous/active/dormant users Total users allowed to logon to X applications Total users allowed to use Y modules 360eyes compliance scans any kind of allowed/denied security commands. CPU usage.

Take advantage of our unique and reliable solution

360eyes compliance is certified by the French court We will help you to align what you deployed with what you bought. Then we can optimize you license pool. Designed to give you a complete view of your SAP Business Objects licenses in just a few clicks.

Our solutions is adapted to your environment

This solution works for any kind of BO deployed repository: BO5.x, 6.x, XI R2 & XI3.x., BI4 It also works on any Operating System; no matter you deployed your CMS on UNIX/Windows and on any repository database.

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