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1he purpose of Lhls course ls Lo saLlsfy Lhe Algebra ll requlremenL of Lhe Common Core
MaLhemaLlcs SLandards recenLly adopLed by Lhe SLaLe of Chlo. 1hls upper level course
flLs lnLo an overall program of maLhemaLlcs sLudles wlLh a rlgorous academlc core by
exLendlng whaL sLudenLs have learned ln Lhe lnLroducLory-level maLhemaLlcs courses as
well as lnLroduclng more advanced Loplcs. 1hese advanced Loplcs lnclude llnear
equaLlons, lnequallLles, and sysLems, quadraLlc, polynomlal, exponenLlal, logarlLhmlc,
and raLlonal funcLlons, equaLlons, and expresslons.

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Algebra l CeomeLry

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1hls course lnLroduces sLudenLs Lo key concepLs and Lheorles LhaL provlde a foundaLlon
for furLher sLudy ln maLhemaLlcs (College Algebra, re-Calculus, Calculus, and beyond)
and lncreases sLudenLs' maLhemaLlc llLeracy, problem solvlng, and crlLlcal Lhlnklng skllls.
1he problem solvlng and crlLlcal Lhlnklng skllls LhaL sLudenLs learn ln Algebra ll are
valuable Lools LhaL can be Laken Lo and applled ln oLher dlsclpllnes.

1he klnd of learnlng acLlvlLles ln whlch sLudenLs wlll engage can be descrlbed as
cooperaLlve group lnvesLlgaLlons, parLner collaboraLlon, or lndlvldual work (dependlng
on Lhe Loplc and asslgnmenL.) All of whlch are deslgned Lo help sLudenLs undersLand and
explaln Lhe key concepLs presenLed ln Lhls course, lncorporaLlng maLhemaLlcal
reasonlng, analysls, communlcaLlon skllls, and real world appllcaLlons. SLudenLs wlll
learn and apply Lhe prlnclples of Algebra ll whlle employlng 21
CenLury Skllls, lncludlng
creaLlvlLy/lnnovaLlon, communlcaLlon, collaboraLlon, crlLlcal Lhlnklng, problem solvlng,
and declslon-maklng. SLudenLs wlll experlence hands-on acLlvlLles and parLlclpaLe ln
class dlscusslons wlLh open-ended problem solvlng.

SLudenLs wlll conducL compuLer-asslsLed research and/or asslgnmenLs and use word
processlng Lo compleLe some asslgnmenLs and pro[ecLs. SLudenLs wlll also use
collaboraLlve Lools (wlkl, blogs, eLc.) Lo help Lhem achleve course goals by creaLlng
mulLl-medla presenLaLlons.

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8evlew llnear equaLlons, funcLlons, and lnequallLles.
ManlpulaLe, solve, and graph sysLems wlLh Lwo equaLlons and Lwo varlables
ManlpulaLe, solve, and graph sysLems wlLh Lhree equaLlons and Lhree varlables.
ManlpulaLe maLrlces.
Craph quadraLlc funcLlons.
ManlpulaLe and solve quadraLlc funcLlons by graphlng, facLorlng, flndlng square
rooLs, compleLlng Lhe square, and uslng Lhe CuadraLlc lormula.
ManlpulaLe, solve, and graph polynomlal and radlcal expresslons and equaLlons.
ManlpulaLe, solve, and graph exponenLlal, logarlLhmlc, and raLlonal expresslons
and equaLlons.
SLudenLs wlll be expecLed Lo demonsLraLe skllls LhaL wlll be valuable noL only ln
Lhls course buL ln fuLure educaLlonal and vocaLlonal seLLlngs lncludlng (buL noL
llmlLed Lo) readlng for comprehenslon, wrlLlng coherenLly, oral presenLaLlons,
and Lechnology usage.

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Pomework wlll be asslgned LhroughouL each chapLer, Lyplcally on a dally basls.
Culzzes wlll be glven LhroughouL each chapLer based on Leacher dlscreLlon.
ChapLer revlews wlll more ofLen Lhan noL precede chapLer LesLs.
1here wlll be a LesL aL Lhe end of each chapLer.
Weekly readlng asslgnmenLs wlll be evaluaLed wlLh a wrlLLen summary.
SLudenLs wlll be requlred Lo compleLe one weeklong pro[ecL each semesLer.
Croup collaboraLlon wlll be crlLlcal Lo Lhe success of Lhe pro[ecL. Lach group wlll
be responslble for creaLlng a mulLlmedla revlew of a chapLer covered ln class.
Croups and chapLers are asslgned randomly. Croups may choose Lo creaLe an
lnLeracLlve posLer (ClogsLer,) or a brochure (creaLed from sofLware such as lWork
or keynoLe.) 1eacher dlscreLlon wlll be used lf groups would llke Lo presenL Lhelr
revlew dlfferenLly. Lach group wlll presenL Lhelr revlew durlng Lhe Lwo days prlor
Lo each semesLer exam.
A cumulaLlve exam wlll be glven aL Lhe end of each semesLer.

1o deLermlne LhaL sLudenLs are achlevlng course goals aL a proflclenL level, sLudenLs are
requlred Lo produce work aL a proflclenL or advanced level. SLudenLs wlll demonsLraLe
Lhelr proflclency by compleLlng all homework asslgnmenLs, revlews, qulzzes, LesLs,
readlng asslgnmenLs, pro[ecLs, and exams. All of whlch wlll requlre sLudenLs Lo apply,
analyze, synLheslze, and/or evaluaLe concepLs, skllls, and lnformaLlon learned (and
dlscovered) ln class, based on conLenL sLandards. 1hese asslgnmenLs may also requlre
sLudenLs Lo declpher or produce graphs, Lables, and/or charLs.

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8oLh formaLlve and summaLlve assessmenL wlll be used Lo evaluaLe sLudenL
performance. lormaLlve assessmenLs wlll conslsL of dally verbal feedback, homework
asslgnmenLs, chapLer revlews, and qulz evaluaLlons. SummaLlve assessmenLs wlll conslsL
of chapLer LesLs, readlng asslgnmenLs, semesLer pro[ecLs, and semesLer exams.

AsslgnmenL 1ype uescrlpLlon WelghL
1esLs and Culzzes lndlvldual assessmenLs of sLudenL masLery of course
goals. AdmlnlsLered durlng class Llme.
Pomework lnLended Lo help sLudenL masLer course goals.
ChapLer revlews are also lncluded ln Lhls secLlon.
Pomework ls prlmarlly compleLed ouLslde of class
Llme buL Lhere wlll be llmlLed class Llme devoLed Lo
8eadlng AsslgnmenLs Weekly wrlLLen summary of asslgned arLlcle, essay, or
excerpL. Summary should be leglble, wlLh proper
grammar and puncLuaLlon.
SemesLer ro[ecL MulLl-medla revlew of a chapLer covered ln class. 1hls
ls a group pro[ecL.
SemesLer Lxam A cumulaLlve exam deslgned Lo assess sLudenL
knowledge of Lhe enLlre semesLer.
*1hls grade goes on Lhe reporL card.

Crade Scale uescrlpLlon of Work
A 93 - 100 ConslsLenLly demonsLraLes an advanced level of quallLy.
1horough, exLenslve, and compleLe. Shows masLery ln
evaluaLlng, synLheslzlng, and applylng maLhemaLlcal
8 83 - 92 ConslsLenLly demonsLraLes a proflclenL level of quallLy.
CharacLerlzed by analysls and appllcaLlon of maLhemaLlcal
C 77 - 84 uemonsLraLes a baslc level of quallLy. Shows a recognlLlon and
comprehenslon of maLhemaLlcal prlnclples. All componenLs of
Lhe work are compleLe.
u 70 - 76 1he work ls below baslc wlLh llmlLed undersLandlng or
comprehenslon of maLhemaLlcal prlnclples. Some componenLs
of Lhe work may be lncompleLe or poor quallLy.
l 8elow 70 1he work ls below baslc wlLh llLLle undersLandlng or
comprehenslon of maLhemaLlcal prlnclples. Work ls of poor
quallLy or lncompleLe.

1hls class uses rogress 8ook. lease uLlllze LhaL resource.

@%70/ 6/#21+
1here ls no re-do pollcy aL Lhls Llme for Algebra ll. Check wlLh your Leacher for more

A(4% /' ;2--25$ B/'C 6/#21+
SLudenLs are expecLed Lo Lurn ln asslgnmenLs as Lhey are due. LaLe asslgnmenLs wlll be
glven parLlal credlL. Mlsslng work wlll evenLually Lurn lnLo zero credlL. Check wlLh your
Leacher for more lnformaLlon.

SLudenLs wlLh a verlfled excused absence are allowed Lo make up laLe work wlLhouL
penalLy ln accordance wlLh Lhe school pollcy publlshed ln Lhe sLudenL handbook.

SLudy 1ables are avallable every 1uesday and 1hursday afLer school from 2:40 - 3:40 for
sLudenLs who need exLra help. LxLra help wlll also be avallable from your Leacher by
appolnLmenL before or afLer school or aL a Llme convenlenL for all lnvolved.