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Session Notes Session 1 Leadership Now: The Zen Imperative Speaking of Yourself

Session 2 A Day of Silence Hafiz Why Zen But What is Zen Physical exercises running Chanting: Om Tare cut A Walk on the Beach: Guided Meditation with Lori Granger Vedic Chanting: Sarve Bhavantu, Sam Gacchadhvam

Session 3 The flowering of meditation ppt Video Osho Meditation is a Very Simple Phenomenon Video Osho With Meditation Your Intelligence Will be Growing Meditation: The Many powerful Benefits ppt Sufi dance meditation prem, video Sufi dance meditation Vidhi, video Om Tate audio Ahura Sufi Dance practice Vedic chanting sarve bhavantu, audio

Session 4 Course Outline ppt Zen, the leader and stress management ppt Stress management Five dimensions Ten tips for stress management video Yoga video Physical exercise? Naropa? Om tare audio Ahura dance Vedic chanting sarve bhavantu

Session 5

Osho Sufi Whirling video The Ultimate Happiness Boot Camp 10 Day Vipassana Experience Stress Management: Five Dimensions ppt Advanced Yoga Demonstration with Aruna video SGD When Meditation Happens to You Sarve Bhavantu

Session 6 Silence and the Art of Leadership