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Diploma Learning Pathway

Initial attempts at my DLP

I began my Diploma with attempts to design my pathway by looking at the order of designs I wanted to do and attempting to put a time frame on my pathway. I felt this was not really helpful and offered no assistance in seeing how I was to complete my diploma. It was not until I had begun 'Designing the design process' that I developed a clearer understanding of how to approach my learning pathway.

Fig 1. Sept 2011 Fig 2. ov 2011 after Diploma gathering

Fig 3. ov 2012 in preparation for the Diploma gathering 2012 !ig 1 " 2 show what a muddle it all was. I was purely focused on what I would be designing rather than any concept of how I might go about it. !ig # $he way forward had begun to seem clearer but I was still focusing on design ideas rather than planning my learning. %orkshops and discussions with other diploma apprentices at the convergence and diploma gathering 2012 was the

beginning of me understanding how I might design my learning pathway to be a useful tool.

Dec 2012
I can finally see how to use my D&' to become a more conscious designer of my learning . I carried out a detailed survey of my daily activities and how long each one took for a whole week to see if I could find a way to create some time for my diploma. I have lost this record but the conclusion of the analysis was that I was already fitting too much into each day having a baby and a business. %ith my new positive outlook I looked for solutions instead of concentrating on the problem so it was decided that (ndrew or my )um would cover childcare to create time for me to get some designing done. Design from pattern to detail I have looked at the action learning cycle in the diploma handbook and felt it needed simpifying for my needs. I have chosen to use a simpler cycle !"ction# $eflection# Planning% used by (ndrew *eeves during his workshop at the Diploma gathering ov+Dec 2012 ,also see fig 4 competence web from workshop-. $he 'details' of each part of the cycle will be presented as mindmaps. a tool which works well for me. $hese will be placed in order to form a time line to show my learning progression. ,see attached documents 5 - 16&he problem is the solution /ealth problems and enforced rest during pregnancy allowed time to achieve a significant amount of designing ,"ctionin preparation for my tutorial at the gathering. $his combined with all the discussion and tutorial ,$eflection- at the gathering means I feel ready to design the ne0t phase of my learning pathway ,Planning-. 'mall and slow solutions 1ne main revelation has been to ignore the time aspect of the pathway as this causes stress. )y pathway design during this cycle is to help with learning progression as opposed to the last one which concentrated on time management.

"pril 2013
Integrate rather than segregate I now have less time to dedicate to working on my diploma since the birth of our son )oss on 12th )arch. I am

trying to find a way to integrate time to wor( on my designs into family life. (ndrew has kindly offered to entertain the children on a sunday so I can have a good block of time to get work done so I can hopefully meet my target of accrediting at the 2013 Diploma gathering in ov+Dec. )btain a yield I have already gained a huge yield from designing different aspects of my life to be more efficient and successful. I would now like to loo( into becoming a diploma tutor and possibly teaching a 'D3 in the future as part of my income. $his way I can gain a yield from the financial investment I have made doing the diploma. I feel it is now time to obtain the yield of my diploma by accrediting at the end of this year. $his will mean I need to begin to put a time frame on my learning again in order for my portfolio to be assessed on time and for me to make final changes and improvements. *se and +alue di+ersity I have used many different design processes and tools during my diploma and hope to continue to do so afterwards. I feel this will help me to be a better designer and tutor. I would also like to apprentice on a few different 'D3s to gain a +iew of di+erse teaching styles. Planning for my accreditation I am making detailed maps of elements to be finished,twea(ed in each design (see fig 10, 11 & 16). 4ither from my own observations or using feedback from tutorials. $hese are added to as I am working on the designs an find things I have not yet completed. $hey are ticked off as they are completed. $his has allowed me to easily sit down and see what needs to be done without have to read through the whole design each time. Deadlines have become important so designing has suddenly become a priority and (ndrew has given up more of his time to care for the children whilst I finish my portfolio ,at least 2hrs a day for the last 2 weeks in (ugust-. -ithout this dedication from "ndrew I could not complete my portfolio in time. .nd "ug 5 !inal draft of designs to be sent to $omas 3rd 'ept 5 final 6 hr tutorial on the /th 0 1th 'eptember 5 set aside for final tweaks to portfolio 10th 'eptember 7 !inal assessment tutorial.

"ug 13 -hat ne2t3

4ow each design helped me to mo+e forward (refer to fig 1 ! "#$ timeline) $he function of the D&' was to help me complete my diploma portfolio. 1nce I began my '5(5* mindmaps I found I was efficiently planning what to do ne0t for each design. $his meant I could sit down and 8uickly find where I was before and work out what I was to do ne0t. I was now planning my diploma 5ourney rather than being a passi+e passenger.

Fern 6ottage 7asterplan5 1nce I realised I could design a schematic plan and work on the details later this design really took off. 9nderstanding how you can work from pattern to detail was the key to getting going with my other designs too. 7anorlands 7emory 8arden5 $his was the first design I thought I had finished ,I now realise a design is never really finished- and I worked hard on an implementation plan but the reality was that it was not followed. $his taught me that a simple plan is not enough and that ensuring all people involved in a pro:ect understand the design process and decisions made is :ust as important. especially when you are not pro:ect managing. Designing the design process5 $his is the design that has had the most influence on my portfolio. %ithout this design I think I would still be struggling along. $he main benefit has been a simple map of the design process to follow which can be used for any type of design. $his has enabled me to concentrate on the designing itself instead of worrying about the process. $esearch 4andboo(5 (n e0ample of the problem being the solution. I originally wanted to design a polyculture research pro:ect but didn't know anything about designing research pro:ects. I began trying to learn about research but literature was aimed at academics. $he break though came after a *esearch and (cademia meeting when I decided to create a research handbook to help others like me to do meaningful research. I struggled at first until I realised I could design the pattern of the handbook then recruit help to write the details. $ight Li+elihood5 I wanted to do designs that help with my life ,;one 00- and I felt a permaculture business plan would be a valuable design to undertake. 1nce again I had been struggling to get past the survey stage until I had completed the 'designing the design process'. $his is a design that will never be completed as we will always need to be designing our income possibilities as our circumstances change ,(pply self5regulation and accept feedback&he 9ard: ;egetable 8arden and -ater and Fertility 5 I remembered my art tutor used to say it was best to work on # paintings at once as you learnt something from each that made the others better ,Synergy-. I thought I could apply this to my diploma. $hese # designs were done at the same time and ideas that developed from one design would directly influence the others. $his helped me to try out several tools on different aspects of each pro:ect to see how they helped with the designing process. Design a course5 $his was a simple design to test out the design process I had developed. !ollowing the map helped me to complete the design really 8uickly and efficiently and created a really useful tool I have used a lot. It made me realise I can create tools for many different applications in my life and I am currently looking at all areas of my life that cause stress and an0iety to look at how I can develop tools to cope. Diploma Learning Pathway5 $his has been a life changing process to complete. I was reluctant to accredit at first as I have en:oyed the many

challenges and e0periences of my diploma :ourney. I have however come to see that permaculture designing has become part of my life. )y D&' has turned into my lifelong learning pathway as I now use the design process. ethics and principles intuitively. $his is not the end. it is :ust the beginning.....