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Sulak1 Nick Sulak Lynn M. Raymond English 1101 September 9, 01!

"hank #od $or "echnology %hen & 'as gro'ing up & used to go to 'ork 'ith my parents because they both 'orked $or the same company, the company 'as o'ned by my grand$ather. (o'e)er, & remember computers and technology back then being big bulky computers that had a black screen and green lettering and you 'ould input data. "hese computers 'ere smaller then 'hat my mother had as a high school student and a college student, she said they had computers that 'ere the si*e o$ rooms and there 'ould be one screen and it 'ould take $ore)er to do an application. "echnology today has shaped my literacy narrati)e because & am a terrible speller and 'ith the ad)ancements o$ Microso$t %ord & am able to type a document and ha)e the ability to check my spelling at the end. %here as back in the day, they had type'riters and i$ you made a mistake it 'as a huge problem to $i+, i$ you could $i+ it at all. "he ne' 'ays o$ communicating such as te+t messages, e,mail and instant messages ha)e created a ne' language, a more abbre)iated languages ho'e)er 'ith phones coming out 'ith $ull keyboards and the ability to te+t and reply )ery easily the language has )astly reduced in abbre)iations. -s a young teenager your $irst phone, 'here & came $rom, 'as a ra*or $lip phone and $or you to send a te+t message you 'ould ha)e to hit a digit multiple times to get to the letter you 'anted, so there$ore there 'ere many abbre)iations $or 'ords or phrases so it could cut time do'n on responses but that is not the case anymore.

Sulak2 .urther e+amples o$ technology becoming more in$luential to my peers and & as 'e gro' up are the ability to listen to te+t )ia )oice and not ha)e to read it. .or me personally & had an &E/ in high school, $or me to read something it took me much longer than a student that doesn0t ha)e this disability. & 'ould also not al'ays understand 'hat & had to 'rite about or 'hat the story 'as trying to depict and it 'as )ery $rustrating. 1et, 'ith the ad)ancement o$ technology & 'as able to understand the story and assignment i$ & heard it out loud $rom either my teacher e+plaining it to me again or by listening to the book 'hile & 'as reading it. "here$ore, gi)ing me the opportunity to learn and understand my learning and be able to apply it. .inally, technology had helped me in e)ery'ay possible shape my literacy narrati)e, because it has helped me learn more and $aster. "echnology has also gi)en me the ability to make mistakes but change them immediately. "he use o$ technology has also taught me ho' to use more and more electronic de)ices.