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En Face - opposite Apres Ca - After doing that...

(Good alternative to saying puis all the time) A Mon Avis - In my opinion Je pense que.. Je crois que... J'ai l'impression que... Il me semble que... (+subjunctive) Parce que Je dirais que - I would say that Dans le pass je lai trouv + adjective - In the past I found him/her/it... cest pas du tout le cas- that's not the case a peut tre - it can be Je ne suis pas entirement persuade - I'm not entirely persuaded Quand jtais- when I was jessaye choisir- I try to choose Il sagit d' - it's about Rcemment- recently en ce moment- at the moment J'essaie de choisir - I try to choose D'un part.... D'autre part.. - On the one hand...On the other hand. De plus - Furthermore En effet - Indeed En fait - In fact D'ailleurs - Besides/Moreover Il faut regarder les choses du bon cote - One must look on the bright side of things Qui vivra verra - Time will tell Selon moi - according to me En fin de compte - at the end of the day Je dirais que - I would say that J'aurais dit/cru que - I would have said/believed that Il me semble que - It seems to me that je me suis rendu compte que - i realised that. on a l'embarras du choix quant a... - one is spoilt for choice with regards to..

il pleuvait a verse - it was raining very heavily..always need a good weather sentence. si j'avais su - if i had known..good at the end, shows pluperfect, and requires conditional to finish the sentence. En... j'ai... for eg: En rentrant a la maison, je me suis relaxer en regardent la tele*. (After having returned home, I relaxed by watching the television. D'un ct, j'aime ___ parce que..mais de l'autre ct, je n'aime pas ___ parce que - On one hand, i like __ because..but on the other, don't like___ because..