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HCL Strength Weakness Opportunities (SWOT) Analysis HCL Strength

HCLs acqu isition of Axon enables it to offer the full life cycle of SAP services from consulting through implementation, infrastructure optimi ation an! ongoing manage! services an! support" HCL Axon has a particular focus an! strength in aerospace an! !efense, high#tech manufacturing, utilities, an! travel an! transportation" As the first SAP partner to be certifie! in $alue %anage ment,HCL Axon has &' consultants traine! in $alue %anagement, an! they have full access to SAP(s $alue )ngineering !atabase, HCL Axon *as a +ey partner in helping SAP !evelop its $alue %anagement" HCL Axon(s clients cite pro,ect manag ement, flexibility, focus on !elivery, high percentage of senior consultants on pro,ect team an! its *illingness to commit to outcome#base! fees as +ey strengths"

HCL Threats

-elay.limite! success in !evelopment of platform /P0 capabilities may restrict participate on in the /P0 space A!verse impact of foreign exchange movement )mergence of potentially !isruptive technologies.practices li+e clou! computing

HCL Weakness

Clients have experience! some problems *ith staffing, such as attrition, !ifficulty fin!ing consult ants close to operating locations an! staffing for ne*er pro!ucts" As a part of HCL 1ech, ne* HCL Axon is creating some confusion in the mar+et on the positioning of this formerly high#en! consulting outfit" Lac+ of !eep !omain capabilities in the large 21 spen!ing vertical of /3S2

HCL Opportunities

Potentially benefit from rise in !iscretionary spen!ing given significant presence in SAP through Axon

Strong presence in the !efence space an! potential to benefit from offset provi sions intro!uce! in 2n!ian !efence imports