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Bridgewater Township Board of Supervisors Agenda

August 11, 2009

 Call to Order Knecht
 Flag Pledge Knecht
 Roll Call Knecht
 Introduction of Guests Knecht

 Agenda Knecht
 Minutes from July 1 Meeting Petersen
 Claims against the Town Pfahning
 Correspondence rec'd and generated Petersen
 Public comment on non-agenda items Knecht

New Business
 Planning & Zoning Report Braun
 Year To Date on Township Finances Pfahning
 Road Issues Knecht
o Mapping/Listing roads that received dust control
o Discuss cost of dust control on all township roads
within a few years
o Report of effectiveness & grading plans
o Seal/ crack filling on township roads
 Report on Rice County Hazards Mitigation Plan Castore
 Spring Brook Discussion Group K Doran-

Old Business
 Bridgewater Planning Commission Report Castore
 Dundas Planning Commission report Doran-
 Dundas ARD Ordinance update Castore
 Update on Northfield/Gill-Prawer Annexation Knecht
 Update on Bicycle-Pedestrian Trails Knecht
 Update on Trail Ordinance Language Braun
 Update on Steam Protection Ordinance for Bridgewater