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Reading Strategies Below are the reading strategies taught to your child.

Readers naturally use these strategies when encountering text. Use the prompts below to help build your childs reading stamina and fluency at home.
INNER CONVERSATION I have an inner conversation to help me better understand the text by paying attention and thinking about the words and ideas as I read. It is a quiet inner voice, not a speaking out loud voice. Readers use many different starters for their thinking. MONITOR COMPREHENSION I monitor when I ask myself if what Im reading makes sense, and when I stop to think if Im confused or dont understand what Ive read. I clarify when I work to figure out whats confusing me. I can clarify by rereading, using illustrations or other text features, or reading ahead, and thinking about clues from the text and what I know. Thinking Starters: (Monitor) Im confused about I dont understand What doesnt make sense is (Clarify) It could be Maybe Oh, now I see When I reread I realized INFER I infer when I figure out things the author does not say directly. To infer, I use what Ive read so far and my own knowledge to help me. Thinking Starters: I infer I think this means I think Maybe. SUMMARIZE I summarize when I think about the main ideas or the most important parts of what I read. Then, I briefly tell in my own words what it was all about. Summarizing means restating briefly the most important parts of the text in my own words. Thinking Starters: (Informational text) The main idea is I learned that (I think about the most important parts of the text, passage or paragraph) (Literary text) What happened is The story is about (I think about the main characters, setting, problem, solution, and theme or lesson) I USE BACKGROUND KNOWLEDGE TO MAKE CONNECTIONS I make connections when I relate what I am reading to: o my own experience (text-to-self connection) o other texts I have read (text-to-text connection) o my knowledge of the world around me (text-to-world connection) Thinking Starters: This reminds me of I have a I have a connection I remember when What happened is just like The character is like VISUALIZE I visualize when I make pictures in my mind of what Im reading. Thinking Starters: I visualized I have a picture in my mind of I have a mental image that I see The movie in my head is QUESTION I question when I wonder about important ideas in the text, and ask questions to think more about them. Thinking Starters: I wonder Why How come DETERMINING IMPORTANCE IN TEXT I determine importance in text when I pick out the most important information. Thinking Starters: This is really importantI now know thatThe most important point to remember aboutis Note: When readers determine importance in fiction, they infer the bigger ideas and themes. When readers determine importance in non-fiction, they focus on important information to arrive at main ideas. SYNTHESIZE I synthesize information when I combine new information with my own knowledge to form a new idea. Thinking Starters: I used to thinkbut now Im thinkingAt first I thoughtbut now Im thinkingHeres what Im thinking so far This is very different than I thought it was going to be I get it Aha!... Yes!!...