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The original idea for this scarf comes from Betty (http://www.bettyknitter.com/) who kindly agreed that can p!blish the pattern with my modifications.

The pattern is very easy and you can use each yarn you want to use. I wanted to have a skinny scarf good to wear with a blouse. "imensions: my version is about 15cm (7inch) wide and 1. m long (5 inch) #aterial: 1 !auberball by "choppel#$olle knitting needle mm or% take the yarn and needles of your choice $attern: &% slip 1 with yarn in back' kfb' knit ((' knit (tog' knit ( ' purl 1 )% slip 1 with yarn in back' kfb' purl ((' purl ( tog' purl (* (kfb + knit front and back)

%et&s start knitting: cast on 51 stitches knit the pattern rows as follows% & , ) , & , ) , & (can you see where the name for the scarf comes from-.) repeat those 5 rows until the scarf has the desired length or you nearly are running out of yarn , you will need some yarn for the ending part. /nding% knit in the established &)&)&#row pattern but omit the increases in the beginning. "o' the number of stitches decreases by one each row. If you have left only stitches knit those together and cast off together. $eave in the threads. 0ongrats , you are done.

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