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FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT Formative Assessment Formative Assessment Learning Plan Subject Matter: Social Studies, Native American Grade:

2nd Learning targets: Students will locate the regions of the Powhatan, Lakota, and Pueblo Indians on a United States map. Student will know that Virginia is located in the Eastern Woodlands region. Student will know what land forms can be found in each region. Students will identify ways Native Americans adapted to their environment. Description of formative assessment procedures: Quizzes on vocabulary- Combination of matching and multiple choices. The student will work with a partner, using a graphic organizer write what they think is the definition of climate, region, and relate based upon previous lesson on Native Americans. The student will be given a map of the United States in which they will label the Eastern Woodlands, Southwest, and Plains region. Students will add the Indians to the map in the region where the Indians are located Students will match the type of homes to the Indians and place them on the map.

Description of steps taken to assess the reliability and validity: The informal and formal assessments align with the Virginia Standards of learning. The following are the standard for the lessons being instructed. SOL 2.4 Regions/Climate/Environment/Cultures of Eastern Woodlands, Plains, and Southwest Indians. c. Locating the regions of the Powatan, Lakota, and Pueblo Indians on United States maps. d. Understanding the relationships between the environment and the culture of the Powatan, Lakota, and Pueblo Indians.

Name ________________________________


Native American Vocabulary Assessment Choose the correct word from the word bank. Fill in the blank Word Bank teepee Eastern Woodland nomads Southwest irrigation systems

1. The tool built by the Pueblo to help collect water for growing crops is a(an) ______________________. 2. The moveable home used by the Lakota is called a(an)____________________. 3. The Lakota people followed the buffalo for food taking all belongings with them. They were ______________________. 4. The region where the Pueblo people lived is the ___________________________. 5. The Powhatan Indians lived in the ______________ region. Read each question. Circle the correct answer.

6. Which name replaces the question mark? A. the Eastern Woodlands B. the Plains C. the Rocky Mountains D. the Great Lakes

7. Which word can be defined as ones surroundings? A. B. C. D. Climate Ecosystem Weather Environment

8. Which American Indian tribe lived in multi-story terraced buildings? A. B. C. D. Powhatan Lakota Pueblo Navajo

9. Places that have common characteristics are called __________. A. B. C. D. Continents Oceans Map legends Regions

10. Who are known as the First Americans? A. B. C. D. Pilgrims American Indians Spanish explorers French explorers

Read each statement. Write T for true or F for false. 11. The Southwest Pueblo Tribe lives in a multi terraced building. ____________ 12. American Indians traveled or moved by walking. _________ 13. The occupations of the Pueblo tribe were traders and merchants. __________ 14. The Lakota Tribe was known for being great hunters. _________ 15. The American Indians are known for their Mosaic Art. _________

Write the letter to match the letter from Column A to Column B. Column A Column B

16. ___Culture 17. ___Region 18. ___Environment 19. ___Contribution 20.____Community

A. The act of giving or doing something B. The beliefs, customs, and way of life of a group of people C. Surroundings D. Places that have common (the same) characteristics E. Surroundings

21. Lisa went on a field trip with her class to visit the protected land where the Powhatan Indians once lived. Lisa brought her camera and took three pictures of the environment. In complete sentences write about 4 features she would see in these pictures. (12 points)

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________




Native American Unit Test Choose the correct word from the word bank. Fill in the blank.
rolling hills Lakota little rain fished

1. The Pueblo and Powhatan both farmed and _____________________. 2. The region where the Lakota lived had plains, parries, and _____________________. 3. The climate of the Southwest region had hot days, cold nights, and _____________________________. 4. The American Indian group that moved around the plains to hunt buffalo was the ___________________________

Use the maps below to answer the question. (6 points)

5. Write the number of the map that shows the region in which each of these American Indians people lived. Lakota _______ Eastern Woodlands _______ Pueblo _______

Read each statement. Write T for true or F for false.

6. One of the American Indians contributions is the invention of the calendar. _______ 7. Culture is the customs, beliefs and the way a group of people live. ____________ 8. The Powhatan tribes got their food by hunting, farming, and fishing. __________ 9. The Lakota Indians get most of their food by fishing. _______ 10. The Powhatan Indians lived in the state of Virginia. _______________ Read each question. Circle the correct answer choice. 11. On what continent did Native Americans live? a. Africa b. Asia c. Europe d. North America

12. Which river did the Powhatan depend on for food and transportation? a. Rio Grande b. James River c. Mississippi River d. Atlantic River

13. Which region is described as having hot days, cold nights and little rain? a. Southwest Region b. North Pacifica Region c. Eastern woodlands region d. Great Plains region

14. Which region is described as having mountain ranges, coastlands and forests? a. Great Plains region b. Southwest region c. Eastern Woodlands region d. North western region

15-17. The Powhatan Indians used things in nature to get food, clothing, and shelter. Fill in the chart to name one way they used each item Natural Resource 15. forests 16. deer Use

17. rivers and streams


Complete the following chart: (6 points)




What types of homes did they build?

Explain why each of these American Indians built the homes they did. (6 points)

References McMillan, J. H. (2011). Classroom assessment: Principles and practice for effective standardsbased instruction. (5th ed.). Boston, MA: Pearson Education, Inc.