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Lesson Planning Form for Accessible Instruction Calvin College Education Program

Teacher Date 10/28/13 Lauren Newhuis Subject/ Topic/ Theme Gratitude/ Jesus hea s the 10 Lepers Grade !!!!!"th!!!!!!!!

I. Objectives How does t is lesson connect to t e unit !lan"

This esson is about bein# than$%u durin# hard times & Job

Learners will be able to#

(e ate the stor. o% the 10 epers to their own i'es (eca what happened in the parab e ,onnect the epers to whom we shou d be than$in# and wh. its important to sa. than$ .ou/ 0emori1e scripture with motions

co#niti'e& ( ) *p *n + ,-

ph.sica de'e opment

socio& emotiona

Common Core standards $or %LCEs if not available in Common Core& addressed#
2Note# 3rite as man. as needed/ 4ndicate ta5onom. e'e s and connections to app icab e nationa or state standards/ 4% an objecti'e app ies to particu ar earners write the name2s6 o% the earner2s6 to whom it app ies/6 -remember7 understand7 app .7 ana .1e7 e'a uate7 create

II. 'efore (ou start Identif( !rere)uisite *nowledge and s*ills.

8nowin# what than$%u ness is

Pre-assessment (for learning):

9Than$ .ou: acti'it. Outline assessment activities 2app icab e to this esson6
Formative (for learning):

Teach them the stor. o% the 10 epers

Formative (as learning):

*s$ them ;uestions about bein# than$%u and the stor. Summative (of learning6< =i#ure out how the. can app . bein# than$%u to their own i'es/ crossword pu11 e
Provide /ulti!le /eans of 0e!resentation >ro'ide options %or perception& making information perceptible Provide /ulti!le /eans of Action and E.!ression >ro'ide options %or ph.sica action& increase options for interaction Provide /ulti!le /eans of Engagement >ro'ide options %or recruitin# interest& choice, relevance, value, authenticity, minimize threats

+ at barriers mig t t is lesson !resent" + at will it ta*e , neurodevelo!mentall(e.!erientiall(emotionall(- etc.- for (our students to do t is lesson"
>ro'ide options %or an#ua#e7 mathematica e5pressions7 and s.mbo s& clarify & connect language >ro'ide options %or e5pression and communication& increase me ium of e!pression >ro'ide options %or sustainin# e%%ort and persistence& optimize challenge, collaboration, masteryoriente fee back

>ro'ide options %or comprehension& activate, apply & highlight

>ro'ide options %or e5ecuti'e %unctions& coor inate short & long term goals, monitor progress, an mo ify strategies

>ro'ide options %or se %&re#u ation& e!pectations, personal skills an strategies, self-assessment & reflection

/aterials1w at materials $boo*s- andouts- etc& do (ou need for t is lesson and are t e( read( to use"

?ideo on the 10 epers >rojector ,rossword pu11 e ,o orin# sheet (esource

How will (our classroom be set u! for t is lesson" III. 2 e Plan 2ime Com!onents /otivation 2openin#/ introduction/ en#a#ement6

Norma setup

3evelo!ment 2the ar#est component or main bod. o% the esson6

Closure 2conc usion7 cu mination7 wrap&up6

3escribe teacher activities A43 student activities for eac com!onent of t e lesson. Include im!ortant ig er order t in*ing )uestions and5or !rom!ts. , ose .our e.es/ Now picture .ourse % ma$in# a Students ma. #i'e answers i$e7 9it wou d hurt m. #i%t/ This #i%t is somethin# that .ou wor$ed rea . %ee in#s7: 9it ma$es me %ee unimportant7 9ma$e hard to ma$e/ @ou spent hours and hours preparin# .our hard wor$ seem worth ess7: 9an#r. because 4 this #i%t %or someone .ou o'e so much/ Now that spent a that time ma$in# it/: da. comes when .ou are #oin# to #i'e them this #i%t/ @ou hand it to them and the. open it/ Loo$ at it and donAt e'en sa. than$ .ou/ 4n %act7 the. just ea'e it on the #round and donAt e'en ta$e it home/ Bpen .our e.es/ Share with .our #roups about how this made .ou %ee / Now ets come to#ether and discuss how it made .ou %ee that the. didnAt appreciate what .ou made %or them/ Thin$ about a that weA'e been ta $in# about/ Cow do .ou thin$ Jesus %ee s when we donAt than$ Cim %or the #i%ts that Ce #i'es usD 3hat $inds o% #i%ts am 4 ta $in# aboutD 2Ca'e students share what $inds o% #i%ts that God #i'es us6 +ither e'er.da. sma thin#s or the bi# thin#s7 it means a ot to Jesus when we than$ CimE ThereAs a stor. in the Fib e where Jesus does a mirac e and *nswer ;uestions7 ta $ about the 'ideo/ e'er.one %or#ets to sa. than$ .ouE & Show 'ideo on the 10 epers/ Ta $ about the 'ideo & Cow do .ou thin$ Jesus %e t that the other G epers didnAt come to than$ Cim %or hea in# themD & Do .ou thin$ that we do this when Jesus does thin#s %or usD & Do .ou thin$ that the other peop e thou#ht to than$ GodD Did the. just %or#etD & Cow can we use this stor. e'er.da.D & 3e must remember who it is that hea s us and #i'es us a o% our b essin#s/ (emember on da. one when we ta $ed about how e'er. #ood thin# comes %rom GodD Lets remember to than$ Cim %or thatE & Ca'e a student read >sa m 28<H *s$ students how this 'erse is %ittin# %or stor. o% the epers 3or$ on a crossword pu11 e tr.in# not to use their 3or$ on crossword pu11 e and i% the. %inish ear .7 Fib es/ 3or$ to#ether in #roups to %i#ure out their the. can co or answers/ 4% the. %inish7 the. can co or/

6our reflection about t e lesson- including evidence$s& of student learning and engagement- as well as ideas for im!rovement for ne.t time. 23rite this a%ter teachin# the esson7 i% .ou had a chance to teach it/ 4% .ou did not teach this esson7 %ocus on the process o% preparin# the esson/6

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