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Stress And The College Student


Jordan Mullauer, Kim Gaffney, Rebecca Cavanagh

Demographic Data
Male and Female

Ages 18 - >35

Enrolled in a community college or university

Class standing

Cultural Descriptors
Peer pressure to party Pressure to succeed Being involved in extracurricular activities Increased responsibility Exposure to new situations Social events

Habitually Partying Sexual Promiscuity Lazy Drug Abuse

Health Risk Factors

Exercise habits

Sleep habits

Nutrition habits

Social Factors
Living on your own / responsibilities Substance abuse Financial responsibilities Peer pressure


Academic Factors
Honors program / scholarships

Program requirements


Recognizing Stress Short Term Symptoms

Butterflies in stomach Elevated heart rate Tense muscles Cool, clammy skin

Floating anxiety

Recognizing Stress Long Term Symptoms

Insomnia Aches and pains Frequent colds / illnesses Change in appetite Exhaustion Sexual disorders

Recognizing Stress Behavioral Symptoms

Talking too fast Irritability Defensive Overreacting Nail biting Grinding teeth Fidgety

1 in 5 undergrad students feel stress all or most of the time 77% of students feel stress over academic concerns 67% of students feel stress about financial worries 53% of students feel stress about relationships 60% of students at some time have felt stress to the point of not being able to get work done 70% of students have never considered talking to a counselor about their stress 84% of students reach out to friends to help them with their stress 67% of students reach out to parents for help with stress

Health Promotion Theory

General Adaptation Theory 3 Phases -Alarm Reaction -Adaptation -Exhaustion

Goals of Healthy People 2020

Prevent inappropriate weight gain in adolescents aged 12-19 years Increase the proportion of adults who meet current Federal physical activity guidelines for aerobic physical activity and for muscle-strengthening activity Increase the proportion of adults who get sufficient sleep Reduce the proportion of persons engaging in binge drinking of alcoholic beverages

Stress Management
Exercise Proper Diet Sleep Communication Go to class and stay on track with class work Keep your space organized Meditation

Stress Management Continued

Reduce alcohol and drug use Get to know your professors

Positive self-talk strategies

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