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The reaping race by Liam Oflaherty

Summary: James McDara own a big field. He hold a reaping race where families in the town can join. Each family get a strip of the field. The winner gets a five pounds. 3 coppels take part of the race: Gill, Butkins and Considence. Even thoug it looks like the the Butkins will win they collapse and the Gill-cople wins in the end. The Gill-cuople was smarte then the orther couples, first the are slow and machaniloi, butkins eat a lot, but then he become tied,. He is so fukll that he can become fast. The Gill-cuople eat slow and thats why they can finish the job. Themes: Drove a parallel to: Point: The clever beast the unclever The cinderalla (the two means sisters and cinderrella) The tuddle and the hair First confession.