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HOW to scan? Scan text and at least one picture from a book or magazine. Make sure what you scan is different from everyone else in the class. (Scanners can be found in the Library, and the workers can help you. !. "ut text and pictures from the scanned image and paste them into a new MS#ord document. $. %se MS #ord&s find and replace function to make a close 'uiz (i.e. replace every to, in, of, on, and for in the document with a ((((( (blank .

Chapter 1
"ody hurried across the street ((((( the mailbox and pulled out a small stack ((((( letters. )e went through the pile one by one. *ill. +unk mail.

)is parents got boring mail. )e had checked the mail every day this week. ,alentine&s -ay was only two days away and ((((( "ody, that meant cash. )is grandmother from .opeka always sent him five dollars. )is aunt )elen from *irmingham always sent ten. ((((( his mind as he flipped through the let/ ters he started a list. .op .en *est .hings ((((( 0et ((((( the Mail !1. Letter from 0ranny (with cash 2. Letter from 3unt )elen (with cash 4. Letters from anybody "ody&s latest hobby was making top/ten lists. )e made lists about everything. )is notebook was full ((((( lists. ((((( the bottom ((((( the pile he came ((((( a letter a letter ((((( him. )is list was forgotten. #ho was it from5 )e checked the return address. .here wasn&t one. )e checked the postmark. 6t was mailed from his own town. 7ot from 0ranny. 7ot from 3unt )elen. #ho then5 )e walked toward the house, his attention focused ((((( the envelope. Maybe it was his orders ((((( a secret mis8 sion /9ust like ((((( that spy show he watched ((((( .,. )e thought about the mail lady. She wore a blue uniform and always had her hair pulled back ((((( a knot. She looked . . . well . . like a spy.

I think there are other ways how scanners might be used in an ESL classroom 6 think that scanners can be used for many benefit way in an :SL classroom. Students can use the scanner for having another copy of a textbook since there are many online/based devices. .his will allow them to access the learning material easier. 6n addition, teachers can use scanners as a way to assess students. .eachers can have give students close 'uiz based on what students covered in a class with the use of scanners. .here are many advantages benefits from having
scanners in a classroom for both teachers and students. 6nstead of scanners, some of my students are taking a picture of their assignments and emailing them to me, especially those that need to be handwritten.