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SKY OF HOPE -------oooooo------A long time ago there lived a restless old man who travelled all over

the place asking the same question to everyone he met. People thought him crazy, for no answer could satisfy him. One day he came across a carefree young boy with a basket of raw mangoes on his head, coming from the market. From the quantity left in the basket it was clear he had not managed to sell his wares, but his countenance did not reflect the state of his business. The old man called the boy near him and asked his question. Dear boy, what is the most important thing in our life? The boy took his time and after contemplating a little, looked the old man squarely in the eyes replied, why grandpa its the sky above us. The confident and direct response caught the old man off guard. He had expected answers like, food, air, water money, power and such things. Puzzled by this unusual reply, the old man asked, Why son, what makes you think so? The boy replied in his same clear tone, Oh grandpa, the sky is one thing which is always there. As long I can remember it has always remained above me. It did not leave me and go away like the rest of my loved ones. All who were dear to me have become twinkling stars in the same sky. Whenever I look at the sky I know that I am not alone. The next day the townspeople where astonished to see the restless old man in deep slumber and at peace with himself. He had understood that the most important thing in life was hope. The boys answer had taught him that. If it were not for hope, the heart would break