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Type of Assessment Peer Review

Description of Assessment Students pair up and review each others introduction and body paragraphs, evaluating completeness, content, citations, flow, and grammar Students conference with me on thesis and first paragraph, in addition to one body paragraph I will comment on every students first 10 notecards and provide feedback directly on noodletools or googledocs. A panel of judges will listen to student oral presentations

When assessment will occur

How assessment will count towards final project grade The first peer After review each student review will occur will submit a written when first reflection describing what paragraph drafts are their reviewers commented due, and the second on, and what they plan to will occur when adjust/change,/enhance, etc. body paragraphs (5 pts per review) drafts are due Students will conference after draft thesis and introduction due dates and after paragraph due dates This will occur during the first week of research I will enter a process grade for completeness and student effort in following guidelines and extent of research (5pts per conference) I will grade the 10 cards out of 10 points that will contribute to the final grade. These points will be based on the research & citation guidelines Judges will provide students with appropriate written feedback, but this will not affect their final grade Grades for each portion/assignment will be calculated to determine a final grade This will take into account gradebook grades and the rubistar rubric grades to determine a final project

Teacher Conference

Notecard Feedback

Judging panel feedback

This will occur during the presentation week

Online Grade Book I will keep an online gradebook of each students progress throughout the project Final Teacher Review I will use my rubistar rubric to grade students research, papers,

I will do this throughout the length of the project

I will complete this during/after oral presentations

and final presentations Final Student Review Students will write a short reflection of their research and paper process and experience. They will give themselves an effort grade based on a 2-8 scale. This will occur after oral presentations

grade This grade will be entered into the pool of grades in the online gradebook

Online Gradebook Contents: Student Peer Review Reflection 1 (5 pts) Student Peer Review Reflection 2 (5 pts) Teacher Conference 1 (5 pts) Teacher Conference 2 (5 pts) Notecard Grade (10 pts) Student Effort Grade (8 pts)

Prompting Questions for Final Student Reflection (Obtained from Concept to Classroom Resource: http://www.thirteen.org/edonline/concept2class/inquiry/explor_sub2.html) How the student views her individual effort. How well she participated in class. The quality of her work. How satisfied the student is with her work. Things that she found difficult to figure out. Things she found interesting and enjoyable. How she might improve her performance. How she viewed her work compared to that of an expert. How her skills, knowledge, and habits of mind improved. What she viewed as important about the unit of study.