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ot wad Series RLH/2 cose wo. 30/2/1 Please check tht this question paper contains 11 printed page ‘Cade mamber gen om the right hand side of the question paper sould be writen on the ‘ile page of the anawerbok by the candidate Prose check thet ths gueton paper contains 30 guotons Plessis dawn the serial mame ofthe question before aempting i Fuse Ra Teme ye et | ee A fA eA aC Re Me EC Om ee ORT OTS peu aie we 8 fe re eee A some Fe er wa Pe IE TAA, er ae aT | MATHEMATICS afta Tine allowed : 3 hours Masimum Marks : 80 Prater wre: 3 we ‘aca f+ 0 (All questions are compulors i) The question paper consis of 80 questions divided int four setions — A,B, Cand D. Section A comprises of ten questions of 1 mark cach, Section B comprises of five ‘questions of 2 marks each, Section C comprises often questions of 8 marks ech and Sesion D comprises of fee questions of € marks cach ct rauirment of the question (ie) There is mo overall choice, Hanever an internal ehace has been provided in one uctin of marks cach, thee queations of mark each and tuo quctions of 6 marke ‘ach. You have to atemps only one of he altemativs inal uch questions. (©) Im queatio on construction, the drowings should be neat and exctly as perth piven (ei) Uae ofealedotars not permite son 4 pro rare fide = (oi er att B 1 Ee reer goes 8 St am wee — ow, woe eH fete Bore 2B ae re & ive sees er 1 oie eg sw aha er ff ate wer 82 oie 8 owe gH aw ree foot Foie Te a ie Eo care eA ata es H fit 2 se er 6 ale BY (iy we an re eT TB WR, RE area eT at ora ed ow wer bs (iy er Re fee ab | wae ated ah ww Ter 9, 9 ott a) ths xe 2B rer 6 ie Sh edt arate fw fet ot By Ow Heed A ew fewer we (od aay eh wer ear res te AP ae wage RF (oa) Saget weir at agate at BY SECTION A am Qeastions number 1 40 10 carry I mark each rer dom 1 8 10 we ete wes wT 3te ) 1 Complete the missing enti inthe flowing factor tree + 2. Te eo) ine ecorof 276 tax 5x6 10, finds We 6m IE oe aur See 10 UTES, a a wT A a SAE | Show that ¥=- 3 ea solution of x! + 6x4 9=0. eeiee fo x--5 te eeso-0 Bee ET 4 The rt term ofan AP. ie p adits common difference is g. Find ite 108 term ce wore ig wore me p Tr Gea ad see gt | Fem wed ee we aia | soren 2 Ep find the value of (sia A + cot A) toe A, wR ean. Sh lin Ay cos A) occ A A TE fe {6 Tho lengths of the diagonals ofa rhombus are 30 em and 40 em. Find the side of the ombus we aaagfs & feed A cel oo Hh wa wo reaps Sp a oe an fe arcaa 2. Figure 1, PQ BC and AP; PB = 1:2. Ping SECAPOD 4 Y * c Figure 1 peppeisg SEaAP@ : apf 18, pQlinc ma ap:pp eis, SAE arm ote A sagt 1 8 The surface aca of sphere ie 616 om?, Find ite radius, ww md wr pete dawa oie Bt ae from a eT | 2 Adios thrown once Find the probability of getting w number lees than 3 we oa Dew a Ge TT) 98 SA om ont A ea oma ae | 10. Find the ss marke of lates 10-28 and 95 — 56, Bi 10-26 wen 35-55% a fe a Sita 1 aoa a Pro.