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Check List for Applicants to Chalmers Masters Programmes

Given name(s) and surname (in BLOCK LETTERS) Application number at universityadmissions.se

Please make sure that you arrange the documents in the same order that they are listed below. Tick off the documents enclosed in your application package and add this list to the package before sending it. Required documents (mandatory) 1. Cover sheet printed from universityadmissions.se (not applicable when using a Swedish civic number). This check list does not replace the cover sheet. 2. Diploma(s) from previous university studies or certificate of ongoing studies (this certificate must state that you are expected to graduate before your prospective enrolment at Chalmers) 3. Transcripts of records (including grades). Relevant course syllabuses are also required, if the content and focus of courses listed on the transcript is not clearly conveyed in the titles of those courses. The syllabus(es) must be issued by your University. 4. Proof that you satisfy the English language requirements (if your test is being sent directly from the test center, please submit a copy of your test score or receipt/notification.) 5. Proof that you meet the specific entry requirements. For more information, view item 5 on the required documents in more detail list. 6. Relevant pages of your passport (or other valid ID) with citizenship clearly visible. 7. Curriculum Vitae (CV) 8. Project Portfolio. The project portfolio is a specific requirement for Architecture and Urban Design, Design for Sustainable Development, Nordic Master in Sustainable Transitions and Industrial Design Engineering. The portfolio should be submitted electronically via the programme-specific portfolio links on the required documents in more detail list (item 8). Optional documents 9. Letter of intent /motivation (also relevant for the assessment of tuition scholarship applicants). 10. Relevant work experience 11. Letters of recommendation 12. Certificate of cumulative average grade, or cumulative grade point average, CGPA (i.e. the average weighted grade of all the credits taken during your Bachelors studies). This is only required when not specified on the transcript. In addition please state; your cumulative average grade the minimum passing grade and maximum attainable grade on your Universitys grade scale.