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How to disable Windows NT/2000/XP hidden administrative share

The system automatically creates hidden "administrative shares" for its logical drives C, D and so forth which it names C$, D$ and so forth. It also creates the admin$ hidden share for to the \WINDOW folder. These shares are designed for remote access su!!ort "y domain administrators. #y default, if you delete these admin shares, they will "e recreated when you re"oot. To disa"le !ermanently so they will not "e recreated on the ne$t re"oot, use the following Windows %&&& ' Windows () registry hac*+

In command window write regedit

Go to Hive: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Ex and it

Go to Ke!: "Y"#EM$C%rrentContro&"et$"ervi'es$LanMan"erver$(arameters

Create an entr! o) D*O+D va&%e ,ith the name A%to"hare*-s do%.&e '&i'- it and /ive it va&%e 01

Next time when you will boot your system your administrative share will be disabled. How to check the administrative share are disabled. Go to computer icon on desktop and right click and click Manage

There should not any share

!" #! or admin!.