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PLC Packing list: 1. Clothing: I. Full uniform (all uniform parts name tag etc.) II.

Boots (for boys)/ Court shoes (for girls) III. Brigade attire IV. 5 - 6 sets of shirts and shorts (At least 2 sets must be dark colored and non-school related. Please do not bring clothes that are precious to you. ) V. 4- 5 sets of undergarments or more (up to you) VI. Jacket (optional) VII. Two pairs of sports shoes/ sneakers (Include a pair that isnt precious to you a.k.a its going to be dirtied [understatement of the year]) VIII. Slippers IX. 4 - 5 pairs of socks X. Sufficient hair bands and clips (for girls) 2. Toiletries: I. Towel II. Shampoo + Soap III. Toothbrush + Toothpaste IV. Whatever stuff you think you may need 3. Miscellaneous I. Sleeping bag II. Bible III. Mug IV. Torch V. Writing materials (pens, pencils, paper etc.) VI. Poncho and/or umbrella 4. Please do not bring I. Cards II. Weapons (Including makeshift ones) III. Anything prohibited by school rules