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INDEFINITE PRONOUNS Answer the questions with indefinite pronouns logically.

1. Is there anybody sitting by the window today? 2. Does everybody speak English in your class? 3. Do you know many people in Lima? 4. Did you look for your book everywhere? 5. Does your dad drink much coffee for breakfast every day? 6. This cake is delicious. Can I have another? 7. Can you hear something? 8. Does somebody want to go to the movies today? 9. Can anybody tell me the capital of Uruguay? 10. Can you understand everything the teacher says? 11.Would you like something to eat now? 12.Do you remember something about your childhood? 13.Can I order anything I want from the menu? 14.Can we do something to help our friends? 15.Can you understand anything they say in the movie? 16.Does everybody think English is easy? 17.Did somebody eat your chocolate yesterday? 18.Is somebody using your English book in class now? 19.Does each of the members have one vote? 20.Is everyone happy with his gift? 21.Are all the students happy with their grades? 22.Are many classmates planning to attend the party? 23.Do you have any money in your pocket? 24.Did you check out some books from the library? 25.Were few of the projects good enough to go to the science fair? 26.Is there somebody at the door? 27.Is most of the work finished? 28. Does anybody have the time? 29. Are all welcome to your house for Thanksgiving? 30. Does Tim have any money? 31. Did Michael pass his exam to another? 32. Does each bring a dessert to share? 33. Can anyone see whats going on here? 34. Could Alice hear anything at the concert. 35. Is everything going as planned? 36. Did everyone clapp when the movie ended? 37. Do many students miss the bus every morning? 38. Could one see the tornado forming from miles away? 39. Are most of the books out of date? 40.Did everyone understand the exercise?