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1. Install the program through "setup.exe" in the "install" directory. 2.

For installing licenses, use the following guide: From the "activation" folder, run either "installslic.bat" or "installslic32o n64.bat" depending on... If your Office is installed in: - "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office15", run "installslic.bat" (defau lt for x86 Office on x86 Windows and x64 Office on x64 Windows). - "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office15", run "installslic32on64 .bat" (default for x86 Office on x64 Windows). - If your installation is elsewhere, change the second line of the .bat file you use, and then run it. 3. Open "Microsoft Toolkit 2.4.5.exe" and use it to activate and install product keys. Additionally, these are some keys that may also be used with this tool ("Enter Custom Key" on "Product Keys" tab): 6PVPD-CNWDQ-G734C-DG7BM-VQTXK PHX9Q-N9GKW-CG4VF-MHCWR-367TX PB44J-GNX2R-BJJYX-HJW6R-Q9JP9 Hopefully, these methods will be sufficient. 4. Enjoy! :) Teknoflex of Terrasoft (http://terrasoftlabs.com)