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Letter of Recommendation for Natalie Kevranian

As an international school head with over 25 years overseas, I write with the great pleasure this letter of recommendation for Natalie Kevranian. For the past three years, Natalie has taught Grade 4 at CNG, the top American international school in Bogota, Colombia. Our school serves over 1,800 multinational students from Pre-school through Grade 12 and receives accreditation from the Southern Association of College and Schools. During my time at CNG, Natalie has been teaching self-contained Grade 4 and providing outstanding learning opportunities for her children as well as contributing in multiple ways beyond the school day. She is a top-performing teacher of high caliber, and she will bring thoughtful professionalism and classroom expertise to the school fortunate enough to hire her. Natalie has a great passion for teaching, a good work ethic, and an irrepressible enthusiasm and positive attitude. Her knowledge of best practices in elementary teaching, skills in curriculum development and assessment, motivation, and flexibility to serve all students regardless of their distinct learning needs are some of the many qualities that make her special among our faculty. As part of her strong planning and organizational skills, Natalie knows how to differentiate instruction and modify her lessons to meet individual learning styles. She truly serves the unique needs of every child in her class, brings out the best in others, and works extra hours to help her team and our school advance. Many children these past three years have blossomed under Natalies care, hard work, and personal warmth. She establishes a very positive learning and focused environment filled with energy, creativity, high expectations, and genuine good will. The resulting high academic achievement of students on the MAP and Stanford tests provides a truly objective measure of her instructional abilities as a member of our professional learning community. Her wonderful collegiality among her teaching team and her effective communication with students and parents highlight Natalies abilities and attention to the key details that matter most for student learning. Natalie has provided three excellent years of service at CNG. She has contributed greatly to student learning in the classroom, to her colleagues in the elementary school, and to the community through her work in after-school activities, in character education, and in volunteer service. I predict that she will find great success at any school that values teaching expertise, collaborative teamwork, and flexibility in meeting the unique needs of each learner. I would hire her again without reservation. Sincerely,

Dr. Eric H. Habegger CNG Director

05 November 2013