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This zip file should have come with 29 files: 2dH17DAS.str 6d2B.sim BJ PowerSim Features.rtf BJ PowerSim Instructions.rtf dupxbst.

bat generic with ES.str generic.str Gpl.txt InstTest.x KO Preferred 6d.str PowerSim.exe PowerSim.x PSDebug Instructions.rtf PSDebug.exe PSDebug.x PSRed.exe PSRed.x ReadMeFirst.txt (this file) Red7shoeH17DASI18.str ScoCalc.exe ScoCalc.x Shortcut to XBStart.bat.lnk xb.dll XBas.txt XBInstall.bat XRead.bat XtoDLL.bat XtoEXE.bat XtoEXEInstall.bat Blackjack Powersim is a program written for blackjack card counters interested in doing their own simulations for original research, or to confirm some of the numbers they have read in books. To begin using Blackjack PowerSim, open BJ PowerSim Instructions.rtf and follow the instructions. The .rtf files normally open with WordPad on Windows 95 or later. They may also open with Word for Windows or Write. If they don't open immediately, try selecting the .rtf file with your left click button, then right click on it while holding down your shift key. Then select Open With... and scroll down to WordPad in the drop down menu. Uninstalling BJ PowerSim is a simple matter of deleting the PowerSim folder from your desktop.