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Book Review of The Three Musketeers

This book is about a story that takes place in France in the 1600s. At that

time, France had many judicial systems. The Cardinal’s guards and the King’s

guards were enemies even though the King did not despise the Cardinal. The main

character in this story is d’Artagnan who by his early twenties left his parents in

Meung to join the musketeers or the King’s guards in Paris. After proving himself

worthy to Monsieur Treville, the Captain of the Musketeers he joins the King’s

company of guards under Monsieur des Essarts. He makes friends with Athos,

Porthos and Aramis or the Three Musketeers. In the future, he hopes that he can be

fine musketeers like them.

One day, d’Artagnan rescued a lady named Madame Bonacieux from the

Cardinal’s guards and prevented the secret of the Queen’s love towards the Duke of

Buckingham to be exposed. As d’Artagnan did this, Milady, one of the Cardinal’s

agents wanted to kill him. D’Artagnan tricked her and she became livid. She helped

the Cardinal murder the Duke of Buckingham and poisoned the woman d’Artagnan

loved, Madame Bonacieux. To avenge her death, d’Artagnan along with the Three

Musketeers captures Milady and sentenced her to death. In the end, d’Artagnan

becomes a Lieutenant of the Musketeers and they lived happily ever after.

Personal Recount
I enjoyed reading this book because the story of the Three Musketeers was

not what I assumed it to be. I thought the Three Musketeers were law enforcers who
would catch criminals and put them behind bars but on the contrary, some of the

musketeers are very ill-disciplined and are put behind bars by the Cardinal’ guards. I

admired the loyalty of the Three Musketeers toward d’Artagnan. They helped him

capture the evil Milady even when their lives where at danger.

My favourite character in this book is d’Artagnan. He left home with 11 crowns

a horse and a few words of advice from his father and became the lieutenant of

musketeers and became rich. In the first part of the book when he was almost

penniless, Monsieur Treville wanted to lend him some money. He refused the offer

and said “ I came to Paris myself with four crowns in my pocket and I would have

slaughtered anyone who dared say that I was not rich enough to buy the Louvre”. I

admire his behaviour as a gentleman but the only thing that I dislike about him is his

ego. When somebody makes a joke about him, he wants to sette the matter with a

duel. Besides that he has a good heart and would serve the King until the day he


Even though I enjoyed reading the book, I want to make a few changes in the

book. The first change I would make is to make the character of Milady not so evil.

There are sometimes that I wished she would die a horrible death in the book. The

next thing I would like to change is the musketeers’ behaviour. Even though the

musketeers are highly valued in Paris, they are too proud. Whenever there is a slight

problem, they resolve the problem with a duel. The final thing that I would like to

change in the book is that d’Artagnan marries Madame Bonacieux in the end.

D’Artagnan has gone through a lot to try to save Madame Bonacieux but she dies in

the last moment because she was poisoned. I believe d’Artagnan deserves to marry

Madame Bonacieux and they would live happily ever after.

I think that the moral of this story is good always triumphs. After ruining

d’Artagnan’s life Milady escaped and leaved no traces behind. She through her good
luck managed to kill Madame Bonacieux. However, the Three Musketeers and

d’Artagnan managed to capture her and kill her.