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Standard. build vote See notes for the options. ‘all resistor packs with the exceptions of RP2, RPS, RP4, RPS & RPS are NOT soldered into the PCB but plug into a socket strip soldered to the PCB WH) Indicates that this ink is shorted by a solder blob. PORT A PORT € Power indicnlor anelogue or digital inputs FET outputs FET outputs Dounting bole GO123 G45674+V G234 G567 Mounting hole ~|° ye PPG PSE ag TP ° Prepac tag OU ssssssaa une Figgyback board mounting hole Heatsink — 120 FORT Regulator — _ power input Rs Premier 46r to Ley penis ‘Ground fs te) ty nk on 1 Mounting hole Oo OTF E G457 G236 ~\ Piggyback board digital inputs FET outpuis digital inputs Piggyback board. minting, hole PORT B PORT D mounting hole RPS & RPS are shown in Pull-Up mode. Mounting hole 4 eo JED MICROPROCESSORS PTY LTD dete 44-Apr-2005 BORONIA VICTORIA 3155 Time 159028, Board title Bits of 200v1LPCB Sele SCALE LL